20 January 2012 (Friday) - Dinner Party

Admittedly I did get home late from work yesterday evening. But the work hadn’t been that arduous. So why did I keep nodding off in front of the telly? I wish I could stop doing that. There will be something good on the box, or I will be in the middle of an on-line game, or there will be some valid reason for why I should be paying attention, and all of a sudden I wake up to find it’s half an hour later, the telly program has finished, my laptop’s gone into automatic shut-down, and I’ve woken with a neck-ache. And having had a bit of kip it
somehow stuffs up my getting a proper kip at night. For all that I actually slept through last night, I woke tired, and fell asleep at lunch time. If I don’t nap during the previous evening I’m (usually) good for the next day.

To work – dull. Over a break I went over my presentation for tomorrow’s Stargazing Live event. The latest weather forecast gives it being a cloudy night. Or to be precise, a rainy evening giving way to a cloudy night. That would be a nuisance. Whilst (I have to admit) I am very much an armchair astronomer and have little interest in staring through telescopes, the whole “staring through telescopes” thing does rather feature highly in astronomical activities. Oh well – if it is cloudy I’ll just have a bigger audience for my talk.

Home again - and having got the table organised, people arrived. Having been round to friends for dinner before Christmas, tonight we reciprocated. Eight of us sat down for three courses. Even if I do say so myself, "er indoors TM" does boil up a decent bit of scoff. Two choices of soup, two choices of main course, various puds, home brew, red & white wine, port, Brazilian cocktails. And after we'd scoffed (probably scoffed too much) we had a game or two of "Dirty Minds". Long and thin and full of seamen? HMS Vanguard!!

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