12 January 2011 (Thursday) - Dull

A late finish at work last night followed by an astro club committee meeting meant for getting home very late. By the time I'd had a bit ot tea I didn't get to bed until far later than I should have done. Within minutes of nodding off I was woken by my mobile. I'd received a picture message of my grand-dog and grand-cat fast asleep. Feeling glad that someone was sleeping (!) I eventually got back to kip, only to be woken by some drunkard shouting the odds up the street at 3am.
Consequently I was rather tired today.

Work was work, and I came home to find "er indoors TM" out for the evening. Fending for myself entailed boiling myself up some beans on toast: a good trick if you can do it. I then turned on the telly and watched "Adventures of a Private Eye". It's an amazingly low budget film that was on telly at the weekend and I'd recorded onto the Sky-Plus box. If nothing else, it featured Jon Pertwee in the nip.
Having wasted an hour or so, I found myself at a bit of a loose end. There was nothing on the telly or on the Sky Plus box. I could have worked on my presentation for Stargazing Live. But I don't have Microsoft Office on my laptop and I couldn't be bothered to go upstairs. I could have got my paints out and been artistic. But I couldn't be bothered. Eventually I found that "Rock and Chips" - the prequel to "Only Fools and Horses" was on one of the satellite channels, so I put that on and spent the rest of the evening exchanging insults with most of humanity via Facebook instant messages. And occasionally getting angry with everyone else's ability at on-line scrabble. Why is it that I can make the word "contrafibularity" and only get two points, whilst everyone else gets ten thousand points for words like "it" and "the"...

Some days in my life are frankly wonderful. Others are so dull....

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