17 January 2012 (Tuesday) - The Musgrove Fox

For all that I wasn't impressed with last night's Stargazing Live, half a dozen people have joined the astro club's Facebook page overnight. And the morning's post had a cheque for a hundred quid for the astro club to go towards the weekend's planned event. So I suppose some good has come of the show. (Grumble, Grumble...)
I saw some of this evening's show. I think I know what I consider to be wrong with it. It's too basic. Bearing on mind it's on BBC2 I'd expect it to be just a little more high-brow.

At the weekend I mentioned that I'd been painting. I posted a photo of what I'd done and it's had encouraging reviews. Ten people have clicked the "like" option, and there are quite a few positive comments. I must paint something else and post it on that website.
Meanwhile on not such a good note my grand-dog can't be allowed in his garden on his own - at the weekend a fox was seen walking about that garden; bold as brass. And shortly after that the remains of a seagull was littering that garden. Bearing in mind that Fudge isn't much bigger than a seagull, I for one am worried about the pup. Apparently the fox spent a whole day sprawled out on the shed roof. It would seem to be fearless. Urban foxes often are. I have suggested that "The Musgrove Fox" have its own Facebook page, but those with more immediate access to the fox wouldn’t seem to be especially bothered about producing one. Given some more photos of the beast, I might do one later.

I was half expecting a visit from the "Folkestone Massive" this evening, but I came home to an empty house. Which was a disappointment. Mind you we had quite a few other friends round for the Tuesday evening bash. Rather than watching "Bleach" we carried on with "Being Human": I like the show - a shame I dozed through large parts of it....

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