26 January 2012 (Thursday) - Stuff

Yesterday I mentioned about looking for a local Art & Craft club. I've found one. Mind you, details on their web site seemed rather lacking. I've emailed them and got a reply. Apparently their meetings are for members or guests of members. Hmmm!
They've given me the option to join. I must admit I'm rather loathe to hand over fifteen quid on the off-chance I might get arty. Added to that, they meet on Saturdays. I'm not keen on that - I have other things going on on Saturdays.
In an attempt to tout paintings I've advertised one for sale on a local Facebook buying and selling group. It might sell there. I hope it does. Failing that I shall have to tap up a local gallery. I wonder if there are any?

Alternatively in an attempt to rake in some cash I could take a leaf out of the book of the reverend doctor canon John Magumba who has married no end of illegal immigrants to eastern Europeans in sham ceremonies up north so's they can get legal residence in the UK. As well as conducting these sham marriages, he made a profit of several thousand pounds. Mind you, he's now got a prison sentence. So I suppose that if I'm going to start marrying people for financial gain, I should be sure I don't get caught.

And that's all I have to say for myself today. Some days are eventful - today was a tad average really. Back in the day, after putting up the day's blog entry I would have then spent some time catching up on other people's blogs.
But in the five years that I've been active in the blogsphere, blogging seems to have lost its popularity. I follow over thirty blogs, of which maybe half a dozen are updated more than once a week. Which is a shame because (being a nosey sort of chap) I like seeing what other people have been getting up to. I wish more people would blog; and blog more often.

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