20 February 2021 (Saturday) - Getting Nicked

I slept well but woke with something of a sulk. The plan had been that we would have been waking up in a little room at the back of a pub in Cambridgeshire this morning and would be having a weekend break (like we did this time last year). But Coronageddon put paid to that, like it has put paid t so much else.

As I scoffed brekkie I saw I had a message (via Whatsapp) from the power company. Having finally agreed that there is an issue with the gas meter that they refused to believe for months, they still won’t tell me what I should be paying. But they are now offering me a fifteen quid goodwill payment. I’ve not actually said for them to stick it up their arse, but I think they could infer that from the tone of my reply.

I peered into Facebook. There was a minor squabble kicking off on a Lego-related page. Some chap had the hump because   a Lego boat he’s acquired didn’t float in water like he hoped it did. He’d planned to sail his Lego pirate ship round the local duck pond. Whilst the thing didn’t actually sink, it floated on its side looking rather shipwrecked. Anyone with any intelligence would have realised the obvious fix would have been to stick a weight underneath the boat to pull it upright. However no one thought to tell him that. Quite a few people thought to tell him that he was daft to try to sail a Lego boat in a duck pond though. I don’t think the advice was taken as well as it might have been though.


I took the dogs out to Great Chart for a little walk from the cricket pavilion up to the river and back again. As we walked back so my idiot magnet was obviously at full power. There was a rather nice man (who obviously bakes a moist sponge and bowls from the pavilion end) who was walking a be-ribboned-and-immaculately-groomed little pampered princess of a dog toward us. You just know that when you meet such a dog which is so far from any road and still on the lead that there are going to be issues. So I marched twenty yards off of the path and blew my whistle. All three of my dogs immediately came to me (they know that whistle means treat). I was just insisting that Fudge sat like the other two when this rather nice man minced up to us (with his dog still on the lead) loudly asking his dog what was going on. My three dogs will just about tolerate one of the family wolf-pack getting a treat, but there is no way they will allow my box of treats to be shared with any other dog. Needless to say it all kicked off and we then had the “episode” which I had hoped to avoid.


We came home. I had a cuppa whilst er indoors TM” and Cheryl went shopping. They came home, we had a spot of lunch and then (with dogs settled) we drove down to Hastings to see how Dad was doing. We spent a couple of hours with him; he seemed OK, and had all the necessary paperwork in hand.

It came as something of a shock to be stopped by the police as we drove home. The blue lights flashed, we were stopped and we were told we were driving an uninsured car. I was rather miffed as I check every month that the insurance has been paid. The nice policeman gave us seven days to take the requisite paperwork up to the local police station and then asked (in a rather officious manner) what we were doing out of the house during lockdown. He seemed suitably contrite when I told him that we had been visiting my father whose wife of sixty-tree years had died three days ago. Perhaps I might have had more respect for the copper if he had not had a Thomas the Tank Engine key ring dangling round his neck. 

Once home we dug out the insurance details, and I popped over the road to get a couple of bottles of stout. I guzzled one of them during the weekly family Zoom quiz (as well as a bottle of Tuborg and a bottle of wheat beer) whilst “Daddy’s Little Angel TM” ate meringue at me. Family Zoom quizzes are goof fun – especially when we have a round of “Dirty Minds”. Have you ever played “Dirty Minds”? It’s rather good fun… Unlike being stopped by the police.

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