4 January 2021 (Monday) - Back Into Lockdown

It took a while to nod off last night as the latest new-next-door was doing noisy sex. I wish they hadn’t been.

Once I’d chased Sid round the garden this morning and done my COVID-19 test (negative) I watched another episode of “Motherland” as I scoffed brekkie, then peered into the gloom of the Internet to see if I’d missed much overnight.


Facebook was crawling with “I don’t want to go back to work” memes this morning. All posted by people who’ve often commented about how little time they think I spend working whilst they have just had a two-week holiday from work. I only had a three-day holiday from work for Christmas. Mind you I’ve just had another three-day break so I can’t complain. (Glossing over both of them just being three-day weekends)

I also saw that our old friend Science has found some more aliens. Apparently they flew past in their spaceship four years ago. I can remember Oumuamua being discovered – it was the first space-rock-thingy that could definitely be shown to have come from outside the solar system, and at the time expert opinion was that the thing wasn’t of alien origin. But Science would seem to have changed its mind. I suppose watching it speed up as it left the solar system (when it should have been slowing down) takes some explaining.


It had been raining when I chivvied Sid outside earlier. It was still raining when I set off to find my car. More and more I've been wanting to move house; if only to get somewhere with dedicated parking. More and more I find myself roaming the streets trying to remember where I'd managed to find a parking space when I'd last come home.

I eventually found my car (where I'd left it) and set off up the motorway. There was a lot of talk of Coronageddon this morning.  Despite another vaccine now being available the pandemic is running out of control. Looking back at my blogs from last year it would seem I was totally wrong about the virus. At the time COVID-19 was just the latest in a long line of scare stories following on from HIV, mad cow disease, SARS, bird flu, swine flu and zika. Surely the media must take some blame here?

The pundits on the radio were interviewing the shadow minister for something-or-other who said (quite rightly) that the government’s tier restrictions on movement would have been quite adequate to contain the virus... it is just a shame that no one was actually complying with them. How right she was. As I drove up the motorway the overhead signs were all showing messages about "Tier 4 - Stay At Home - Essential Travel Only" whilst the motorway itself was as busy as it as ever been over the last year.


There was also talk about how Donald Trump begged the officials in Georgia to lie to pretend he'd won the election in that state when he hadn't. It was rather embarrassing for him that the conversation had been recorded... I wonder if he will face charges for doing that? Somehow I doubt it. Sadly this is typical of the sort of thing that has become expected of Mr Trump and (following his example) pretty much all politicians everywhere.

There must be a better way to run society than by running what is effectively a popularity contest in which the most outrageous gets to win.


I got to work. Having dried out a little on the drive to Maidstone I again got soaked on the short hop from the car park to the hospital building.

Work was work; but a colleague was having a birthday today. Having sent him a birthday video (via Facebook) earlier I scoffed one of the doughnuts he'd brought in. I must admit I was rather puzzled why he was working today. I last worked a birthday on my nineteenth birthday (in 1983). Working on my birthday sucked, and I haven't worked on my birthday ever since.


I came home to a bumper crop of letters. The bill for the boiler servicing (which I think is always worth having done), a sulking letter from EE who had the arse that I’d left them and gone to Sky, a load of bank statements (even though the bank assures me they only send me electronic bank statements) and the Lego cowboys I bought with the money I got from my mum for Christmas. 

"er indoors TM" boiled up pie and chips, and we scoffed it whilst watching “The Great”; billed as a comedy-drama it was more “odd” than “funny”. And we also watched the Prime Minister’s broadcast. He’s announced another lock-down. I wonder if this will be enforced?

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