2 January 2021 (Saturday) - Pluckley (Again)

Ideally a lay in would have been a good idea but realising that I had yet another messaging session with the idiots at the power company I found myself wide awake far too early. I watched another episode of “Motherland” as I scoffed toast, then on the stroke of opening time I activated the Live Chat and found myself this time connected to Limakshi. I copied and pasted the rather epic document I am compiling about the ongoing issues with my non-functioning SmartMeter. Limakshi asked for a couple of minutes to check my account. After ten minutes she told me she had decided to lodge a formal complaint on my behalf. My heart sank at his point. I know this mentality. A formal complaint means endless paperwork, and there are those that love paperwork. To be fair to her, Limakshi said she would personally follow up the matter and said she would ”keep following up with you regarding the matter every 3 days ensuring I update you on every actions that I am taking in order to resolve the issue”, but I’m not convinced.

The issue I have with the power company is straightforward – the SmartMeter is broken and needs repair or replacement, but so far nine of their operatives have been unable to arrange this. I do hope Limakshi doesn’t become the tenth.


I then had a little look at the rest of the Internet. There was quite a lot being said about last night’s episode of “Doctor Who”; very little of it being positive. I watch the new shows purely because I’ve watched it from the start and I consider myself a fan, but it isn’t what it once was.  Doctor Who worked back in the day because it *didn’t* have good special effects. The scenery did wobble, and the monster really was a bloke in a rubber suit. And so with that in mind the writers created a good plot with plausible characters and the show worked well.

Today the special effects have enough of a “wow factor” that the writers feel they don’t need to work on the plot and the characters are two-dimensional and unconvincing.

I want to like Doctor Who but it disappoints. Time and again.

I caught a jellyfish in our tree house (as you do) and immediately got a notification that the nice people at Munzee had given me an award for having captured a Munzee every day for the last year.


We took the dogs for a walk. Having had a little look at the geo-map I’d worked out a little walk for today. A circular walk of five miles going past six geocaches that we hadn’t previously found (and seventeen that we had). It was a good walk, if a tad muddy. It was a shame that we nearly got run over by a pair of half-wits driving their motorbikes up one of the footpaths, but I expect they will have broken their necks slipping in the mud by now.

We did have a dodgy five minutes when Pogo yelped and started limping; he has definitely done something to his back left leg. After hobbling about for a bit he seemed to be fine, but I shall keep an eye on him. I suppose it wouldn’t hurt him to lose some weight, but then again the same could be said about me.

I took quite a few photos as we walked – Pluckley is a rather pretty place.


Once home the dogs got thoroughly scrubbed, and I spent a little while playing Lego. First of all putting together the 1970s hospital that "er indoors TM" got me for Christmas, then incorporating it into my Lego World. Playing with Lego only took three hours.


As we scoffed a very good curry we watched the David Walliams program in which he farted around watching a school production of “Chitty Chitty Bang Bang” whilst some poor sod was under orders to make a full-sized version of the car that actually flew.

Is it giving any spoilers to say that they succeeded?

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