30 January (Saturday) - New Shelves, Bingo Night

I had another good night, waking five hours later than I usually do when I have an alarm set. Bearing in mind yesterday’s weather forecast failure I was hoping today’s would have been wrong too. A day which had been forecast to be sunny was rather wet yesterday. But today’s forecast for heavy rain turned out to be correct.


I made toast and had a quick look at the Internet. I sent out some birthday wishes and then had a look-see at what was happening. Someone on one of the (relatively) local geocaching Facebook pages was asking for some help. She has a series of caches in the Chichester area which need a little maintenance. Could anyone help as Chichester isn’t that local to her. There are those who say that if she can’t maintain them then she shouldn’t put them out. But those who say that are those who don’t actually put any geocaches out themselves at all. It’s a rant I’ve done to death… I expect I will do it once or twice more before giving up.

There was also an advert on Facebook from my local dentist featuring a grinning bimbo; the implication of the advert being that if you spent a small fortune on their teeth-whitening procedure you would have a far better chance of “doing the dirty deed” with that grinning bimbo. I wasn’t falling for that.

It was at this point that “er indoors TM” started ranting. A couple of days ago Treacle had run off with one of her slippers. She’d just found that slipper whilst taking Sid out for what dogs go out to do. The slipper was on the lawn, in the rain and in the mud.


I quickly popped round to B&Q to get some plastic boxes; six larger ones and four smaller ones. The chap on the till only charged me for one of the larger ones. That saved eight quid.

I then came home and went up to the attic room. Over the last year or so I’ve been accumulating Lego and popping it either under the table I’ve got my Lego town on, or in a rather precarious stack. I had this plan to put up some shelves, and sort the Lego into boxes and put them on the shelves. That way I wouldn’t get backache rummaging under the table, and I could find out what I’ve actually got. I got the shelves up easily enough, then spent five hours sorting Lego. I had various categories into which I was sorting the Lego; basic bricks by colour, flat pieces, roof pieces, wheels, minifigs, maxifigs, trees and plants, and “assorted crap”. I made good progress I found all sorts of things I’d forgotten that I had. Unfortunately after five hours of sorting there was more in the “assorted crap” pile than in all the others put together. Realising that I will need to go through the “assorted crap” and sort it somewhat better I popped to B&Q for more boxes. Unfortunately this time the girl on the till was on the ball and charged me the right price. Ho hum.


As I started the car to come home I had a warning on the dashboard. ”Top up oil level”. I was gripped by panic. I have no idea what oil the car takes; let alone where it goes. Fortunately Halfords is just over the road from B&Q, and for a fiver the nice man put the oil in for me. When I opened the bonnet (I can do that!) I found four possible places where oil might have gone. It was as well that the nice man from Halfords knew which of the possibilities was for oil and which was the screen wash and which was the power steering. Whilst he was at it, the nice man checked  the car’s battery, all the lights and the windscreen wipers too, and gave them all the thumbs-up That was a fiver well spent!


I came home to a friend request on Facebook. “Olamilakan Oluwaseyi (goddessmary)” wanted to be friends with me. she said that she was “seeking for a loyal submissive orsissy to be dominate and owned by her. Fully I did wonder what an “orsissy” was, but I didn’t really like to ask.


We had  a rather good bit of dinner, then (eventually) tuned in to the family Zoom meeting. Tonight we had three rounds of bingo. Having each popped  a tenner into the kitty it was all to play for… and was rather embarrassing in that out of the hundred quid in that kitty, “er indoors TM” and I won sixty of it. I’ve already spent my forty quid on more Lego.

We then had a family Zoom quiz – a quiz with a difference. “60 M in a H” is 60 minutes in an hour. “90 D in a RA” is 90 degrees in a right angle. However “8 T on an O” is *not* “8 tits on an organ”, much as my beloved daughter-in-law would have us believe.

I won the quiz too… Go me !!

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