12 January 2021 (Tuesday) - Dull

At the weekend I scoffed a packet of peanuts. I’ve still got the guts ache now. I sat feeling very uncomfortable as I scoffed toast and watched another episode of “The Office” in which the winner of the pub quiz was decided by determining who could throw a shoe over a pub.

I sparked up my lap-top, recorded the result of today’s COVID-19 test (negative) and had a look-see to find out if I’d missed anything overnight. I do this every day… what did people do before social media? I can remember CB radio being popular in the early 1980s, and I think we used to read newspapers too?


This morning not a lot was going on. Some woman was trying to troll various Sparks groups (on Facebook) with anti-vax propaganda but no one was rising to the bait. She’d been told not to be silly, and pretty much everyone had moved on. If only more of the Internet was like that.

And I saw that a friend’s dog had died.


I walked through the drizzle to my car, and as I drove off so a torrential downpour kicked off. Ironically it was at this point that the weather forecaster was talking about how the south of England would be mostly dry today.

There was also a lot of talk about football. With many sports having shut down during Lockdown-3, football game are continuing. But over the weekend there were no end of breaches of social distancing both in the stadia and televised from the changing rooms. Added to this is the seemingly endless scandals of individual footballers holding parties for loads of their chums. The head honcho at Arsenal FC was on the radio wondering just how long it will be before football gets the kibosh from the government. Personally I can't stand the sport... compare it to other activities and games. there is so little skill in football. You just hoof the ball around. If you watch a game of football for five minutes (be it a gang of kids in the park or the World Cup final) you will see all the game has to offer...

Perhaps its simplicity is why it is so popular?


There was also a lot of talk about Donald Trump. Permanently banned from Twitter and facing a second impeachment the chap is in a class of his own. Were I a conspiracy theory crackpot I would wonder if he doesn't so much wield power as draw attention away from those who actually wield power in the shadows.


Work was work. I did my bit, and came home again. As I watched some telly whilst "er indoors TM" boiled up some dinner there was an advert for pet insurance. “Bought by Many” claimed to be the cheapest on the market and claimed they would take on pets with existing health issues. There’s no denying that  Fudge’s insurance costs a small fortune, so when "er indoors TM" wandered upstairs to Zoom with her pals I went on-line and got a quote. “Bought by Many” offered me a policy which costs double what I’m already paying. I’ll stick with what I’ve got.

I wrote up some more CPD, farted a *lot* (peanuts !!!) and thought about today. Oh, it was dull…

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