27 January 2021 (Wednesday) - Back to Work

I slept well, but with an alarm set I did wake about three hours earlier than I did yesterday when no alarm was set. One advantage of getting up early is that Sid hasn’t had time to crap.

I sparked up Netflix and watched an episode of “Superstore”; an American version of “Trollied”, then sparked up the Internet. There was a lot of talk on the Facebook page dedicated to the old boys of my old secondary school. Today they were talking about the old senior PE teacher “Killer” Smith. He seemed to be coming in for a lot of hatred and vituperation this morning, but as I remember he was “just another teacher”, neither good nor bad. Reading that page always makes me think… I would say “brings back memories” but I clearly remember the place very differently to how everyone else does. The teachers who are viewed with love and affection are ones I remember with indifference at best, and the ones who are generally hated are (for me) just names from forty years ago.

There was also a row kicking off on one of the local geocaching Facebook pages. Despite everyone supposed to be staying at home except for certain prescribed exceptions, someone in Sussex has driven twenty miles to go find a geocache to keep a daily streak of finds going. The implication is that since a streak (find one every day without a break) was involved, driving twenty miles would be a daily event for this person.

Obviously this is against all the lockdown rules, and a squabble kicked off about what if they had a valid reason to be out. This person didn’t, but what bothers me is  that people are playing a GPS location-based game in which they leave a permanent record of their (frankly illegal) movements. These people are allowed to vote, you know.


I got myself ready for work. In the time it had taken me to get dressed, Sid had got up, crapped all over the kitchen floor, and gone back to bed. He was unceremoniously frogmarched into the garden (much to his disgust) where he tiddled. He's house-trained for tiddle... just not for poop - he can't help it, bless him.


I set off to work on a rather foggy morning. As I drove I listened to the radio. Not having heard any news since Friday I was wondering what I'd missed. It would seem I'd missed nothing. The pundits on the radio had nothing to say but utterly unfounded speculation on the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. When will lock-down be relaxed? Who knows? The Poet Laureate was wheeled on; he dribbled a rather pretentious poem about trees and birds which was supposed (in some way) to commemorate everyone who has died in the pandemic.


I got to work, and made a point of blanking the security guard at the door. I suppose I am being unfair to the chap, but surely it is a sad state of affairs when a hospital has someone hired to guard the place?

And my piss boiled even further when I looked up the word "mesothelioma". "Mesothelioma is a malignant tumor that is caused by inhaled asbestos fibres and forms in the lining of the lungs, abdomen or heart. Symptoms can include shortness of breath and chest pain." You can read about it on Wikipedia. I couldn't remember much about it so I typed it in to Google. Go on - type "mesothelioma" into Google. The first term I got was from an ambulance-chasing website offering "Specialist Legal Service Team Available. Contact Our Legal Experts For Free Advice. Experts For Over 85 Years. Legal Representation From No Win No Fee Solicitors. Personal Injury Experts. Enquire Online. No Win No Fee. 85+ Years Experience. Free To Call." I hate these ambulance-chasers. Ow would they like it if their loved ones were left to die because no was was brave enough to treat them for fear of litigation?


I did my bit at work, and being at work meant the time didn’t drag like it has done at home recently. As I left work to come home there was some strange chap in a hi-vis jacket standing in one of the hospital corridors telling everyone that it was foggy outside and kept repeating “be seen!

I wonder what that was all about? 

I think my car headlights did the job as I drove home…

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