31 January 2021 (Sunday) - Rather Dull

After a rather good evening yesterday I slept like a log last night, finally being forced out of the bed as Pogo and Fudge made themselves comfortable. Last night was originally supposed to have been a night shift for me, but a colleague had asked if he could do it. I was only too happy to let him.

I came downstairs to find a pile of turds on the foot of the stairs. It wasn’t Sid – his turds were on the lino. Judging by the size I suspect Treacle. It comes to something when you can match the turd to the dog.


With multiple dungs gathered I had a little look at Facebook – there wasn’t a lot going on, so whilst “er indoors TM” Zoomed at her mates I went back up to the attic room. Yesterday I sorted Lego and had created a huge box of what I could only describe as “assorted crap”. Today I went through the “assorted crap” and started taking out that which is worth having. I’ve got about a third of the box of “assorted crap” now sorted.


After a couple of hours “er indoors TM” stopped Zooming, so we took the dogs out for a walk. We thought we might try Hatch Park which is a public park in the Brabourne estate. We’d heard good things about the place… I wasn’t impressed. For me the top priority for somewhere to take dogs is that the dogs can be allowed to run off of the leads. But we arrived to see signs insisting that dogs be on leads, and every other dog in sight was on a lead. It wasn’t *that* muddy really, but there was deer dung as far as the eye could see, and Fudge reprised his trademark move of rolling in fox poo.

For all that it wasn’t *that* muddy it was very cold. I was glad to get home for a warming cuppa.


“er indoors TM” went off shopping at Dobbies; I stayed home and watched a load of episodes of “Four in a Bed”. I do like that show, but some of the contestants are a bit thick. Take some of today’s entries. Four bed and breakfast establishments…

The one that has you cook your own breakfast was more expensive than one that cooks it for you. And the one that doesn’t cook the brekkie tries to make out that not cooking brekkie is a feature and so warrants the extra price.

There were two B&Bs that were identical in every respect except cost; one was twice the price of the other, and the expensive place couldn’t work out why people preferred the cheaper one.


“er indoors TM” boiled up a rather good bit of dinner which we washed down with a bottle of chardonnay. The dinner was rather good, the chardonnay not so. As we scoffed we watched more “Junior Bake off” in which some rather talented kids made some rather good food.

I will probably regret the amount of amaretto that I poured down my neck…

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