25 November 2017 (Saturday) - Hoath

My piss boiled as I scoffed my brekkie. A rather huge project has just been completed in Wingham (about twenty miles away) to install otter-proof fencing around two huge lakes. Otters can destroy the carp population in any lake, and this fencing will protect the carp from them. However the fencing has been paid for (in part) by a grant from the Angling Improvement Fund.  This fund is administered by the Angling Trust on behalf of the Environment Agency, with the money coming from fishing licence sales. The lakes themselves belong to Wingham fisheries who charge over eight hundred pounds for a year’s fishing.
So…the money I spend on my fishing licence is being used to subsidise a fishery I will never be able to afford to fish in, whilst the lakes us peasants fish in get sod all.
I’ve emailed a formal complaint to the Environment Agency. The automated reply says they will respond within ten working days. Ten of their working days are fourteen of mine… I wonder what they will say.

With brekkie scoffed Cliff popped in for a few minutes. It was good to catch up. "er indoors TM" then popped to the outlet centre on an errand and I refereed the dogs who were playing tug o’ war with pretty much anything they could get hold of.

"er indoors TM" returned, and we all set off to Hoath. Rather than meeting Karl, Tracy and Charlotte at Hoath, we managed to catch up on the motorway.
Regular readers of this drivel may recall we walked round Hoath over the summer. We had a good walk; and with that walk done we looked at carrying on along the lanes, but it was far too hot then.
It wasn’t too hot today.
Today was an ideal walk for wandering round the lanes. All on tarmac meant we wouldn’t get smothered in mud (for once). We had a good stroll. We saw sheep. Not many… how many sheep do you need to have a flock? Personally I don’t think four is enough. We saw pigs, we heard skylarks, we climbed trees, we found pubs.
The first pub was a result. It was perhaps a tad early in the route, but it was a cold day. The Gate in Chislet is a wonderful place. There was a roaring log fire to warm us, and a choice of ales straight from the barrel. One of which was the Whitstable brewery’s oyster stout. We had two pints of that.
The second pub wasn’t too shabby either – you don’t see Deuchar’s IPA in many places.

Geocache-wise it was an odd experience. Usually when we go out hunting Tupperware we follow a series of caches laid out in an order (numbered #1, #2, etc) put out by one person. When caching like this you soon get a feel for the sort of thing you are hunting, and where that person might hide things, and what that person had bought in bulk from the geocaching shop.
Today we cobbled together a walk along various lanes picking up caches seemingly put out at random. We managed a good walk, but by its very nature today’s caching was somewhat random. Some caches were hidden well with good hints and accurate GPS co-ordinates. Some were laying broken on the roadside. Some were found despite no clues being given whatsoever, some were found by pot luck (one was forty yards out on the GPS), and some were clearly missing. But I’m not complaining; as long as people put these things out I have somewhere to walk my dogs at the weekends.
We didn’t get all the caches in the area… by a wonderful stroke of fortune we could make a similar walk collecting a dozen or so starting from The Gate in Chislet…

We came home; "er indoors TM" drove and I slept. I took several photos as we walked. With "er indoors TM" out on a mission this evening I posted them up on Facebook (as I do) and then watched last week’s episode of “Peaky Blinders” as my dogs snored. I liked the first three seasons; the fourth is a bit lame. Which is a shame.
The SkyPlus box has recorded today’s episode of Thunderbirds; I shall watch that in a minute…

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