28 February 2010 (Sunday) - Backache, Saturn...

As would seem to be standard for Sundays this year, the day was wet. Sundays are so inappropriately named. “Rainday” would be far better. So I sat in front of my PC and finished off my presentation on the planet Saturn for the astronomy club. And having got the thing all ready, I discovered that the Cassini probe is all set to make its first close flyby around Saturn’s second largest moon in two days time. Perhaps I’d better include a section on what the thing finds there.

I then slept for most of the afternoon. I did this in my reclining chair, and didn’t feel *too* painful afterwards. I wonder if I should sleep in a sitting position until my back is better.

I spent some time in YoVille and NeverWinter this evening. Surprisingly, for the first time in nine days. I’ve been very busy this last week. I’ve actually done so much every day. All things considered, it’s been a good holiday. It will be a shame to go back to work tomorrow. If my back is up to it…

My back’s still playing up. I woke in pain every time I tried to move in the night. It seems to have got slightly better as the day’s gone on. It’s got to be better for tomorrow as I’m back to work. I really can’t phone in sick after a week’s holiday. Mind you, with the new management ethos, I rather feel that I really can’t phone in sick at all. Perhaps if I’m still immobile tomorrow I might take the bull by the horns and ask my trade union rep to make the phoning in sick phone call for me. As they say, a good defence is a strong offence.

One good thing about the backache is that the back pain has taken my mind off the healing leg tattoo….

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  1. Your bad back could have been caused by the length of time you had to lie down uncomfortably having your tattoo done.
    I hope you feel better soon.