16 February 2010 (Tuesday) - Tele-Sales

Up early to watch more DVDs. In less than twenty four hours I’ve watched the entire Season Four of BattleStar Galactica. Not bad going, really. To Asda for lunch, and then to work. Dull, dull, dull. Last year I was offered a job at Chatham. Although the money would have been substantially less, I wonder if I should have taken that job.

An early start meant an early finish (for once), and just as I was about to check my emails, the phone rang. “Desmond” from Home Security phoned to tell me about a wonderful bargain. I could be entitled to a wonderful home security package for just one pound!! Wasn’t I impressed? And he would arrange for a representative to contact me without delay. He was rather foxed when I didn’t hang up, didn’t take up his offer, but just said “please don’t”. His script obviously didn’t cover that eventuality. I asked him to be honest. I told him it wouldn’t cost a quid, would it? It would be hundreds, if not thousands of pounds, wouldn’t it? He was rather taken aback by this, but the clincher was when I asked if he’d taken advantage of this offer. He mumbled that he hadn’t. I then asked him how he could possibly expect me to buy that which even the salesman wouldn’t have. He had no answer for that. Bless him.

And on closing, this Saturday I’m going to see an E.L.O. tribute band. Due to various mishaps and misfortunes there’s one or two (four) spare tickets. If any of my loyal readers are free on Saturday night, please get in touch…

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  1. I have to agree there is deffo more than a passing likeness............ sez..........lol.
    Your painting is beautiful btw