11 February 2010 (Thursday) - More Snow

‘er indoors TM has found my sledge. It was where I left it. I considered using it to get to work today, as another millimetre of snow had fallen overnight. Mind you, for all that I laugh about the way that England reacts to snow in the way that Superman reacts to Kryptonite, I’m not keen about driving through the white stuff. So I left for work a bit early this morning. The plan was to avoid all the other people who (like me) are rubbish at driving in the snow, and I thought I’d have time for a brew and to read my book before starting. But the early shift phoned in to say they were snowbound. So with no one else available I started work an hour early. But I didn’t mind. I had this plan to go home an hour early to get my time back.

Yesterday I mentioned that two inches of snow had cut Dover off from the rest of civilisation. Overnight the entire Kent coast had a foot of snow, and so everyone on the late shift couldn’t get in to work at all. It’s a good job I’m generally wonderful. I started an hour early, did the work of three people, came home three hours late and didn’t complain once.

But I didn’t really mind – we had such a quiet day. So dull in fact the highlight was when we managed to flood the place. I say “we” - I’ll happily share the blame, but the culprit can do the mopping up. And I’ll get my time back at some point.

I came home to a treat. ‘er indoors TM had cooked up some honey cake. A smashing bit of scran for tea, then coffee and cake. As “My Boy TM ”would say, “Nag, Nag, Nag!!!

I do feel a bit worn out, though. Having said that, I have always claimed that I would rather have longer working days. If I could do three days a week, each of twelve and a half hours, I could have four day long weekends. Surely that would be better than my current random pattern of early and late starts…

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