5 February 2010 (Friday) - Dull

Normally I get a good night’s sleep before a late shift, but I was rather restless last night. My back was playing up. Perhaps I need to go on a diet again? Now that (finally) all the left over puddings from last weekend have been eaten, a diet might be a good idea for a couple of weeks. Perhaps a diet and some exercise too. It’s been some months since I last took the pedal bike anywhere, and I’ve been feeling rather worn out and listless for the last couple of weeks. I shall start the new regime tomorrow with a brisk walk around some seaside towns.

The plan for the morning was to do the ironing, but by the time I’d had some brekky, I couldn’t be bothered. I’ll do it later.

Instead I went to YoVille, and tried to kiss Lisa’s mother (again). But no joy – the thing wouldn’t load. Having booted up to a blue screen of death and a message that Windows has had a serious error, I was a tad perturbed. Bearing in mind the PC still finds an unknown device every time it starts, I’m wondering if the thing’s days are numbered.

And so to work. The car needed petrol, so I went to the other Tesco. Ashford features two Tescos. Only one is open when I’m on early starts, so I went to the other one. The staff there weren’t anywhere near so hostile. I bought some shirts, and then to work. Which was dull. It usually is.

And then home to watch Shaun the Sheep on DVD. I like Shaun…

Today was dull…

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