1 February 2010 (Monday) - Plans...

This weekend is Dover beer festival. I see the beer list has been published. And again the beers are all “silly strength”, with nothing below 5% ABV. Two years ago I got seriously out of my tree on their beers. This year I’m going to be taking it easy. Whilst the kids sit at home watching telly I shall have a couple of beers at Dover, then take the train to Folkestone and have lunch at Chambers Bar. Maybe a crafty pint in the Guildhall and the Lifeboat, then back to a friend’s house where we can slob in front of the telly. Or that is the provisional plan. All I know for sure is that I intend to be on the 9.52am train from Ashford International to Dover Priory, and from there on in, all is flexible.

Talking of beer, it had been suggested that Feb 21st might be wasted at Wittersham beer festival. I see that the afternoon will be featuring Morris dancers. I will have to review my plans for that day. I can’t stand Morris dancing. What is this association between good beer and Morris Dancers? It’s hardly painting ale in a good light.

There’s been a minor change to the diary dates for the year – Dover kite festival (planned for late July) has been cancelled. It would seem the local council wasn’t prepared to fund it. I do hope that Kent County Council is prepared to continue funding the Teston kite weekends for this year.

Another thing which isn’t being funded any more is the American space program. Since money is tight, NASA’s budget has been substantially reduced, and the plans would be that rather than having space flight technology of their own, American astronauts will purchase tickets on other people’s space-going vehicles.

Let’s not be surprised when the Russians, Chinese and private enterprise decide they want all their limited rocket spaces for themselves.

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