17 February 2010 (Wednesday) - A Day in the Life

Whenever the postman comes I have a habit of sticking any boring-looking letters for myself into my letter rack. This rack gets very full – I don’t just put boring-looking letters into it. I put in all sorts of things I intend to get back to when I get a minute. Today I finally went through the thing. I found:

  • Six Doctor Who DVDs.
  • A book of short walks round pubs in Kent.
  • Numerous empty envelopes.
  • A bank statement for the astro club – better give that back to them.
  • The receipt for the front door.
  • A book of stamps I’d intended to post into the chokey.
  • Some passport-sized photos of myself. I wonder what I got those for?
  • An ISA I’d forgotten about. That will pay off the mortgage shortfall.
  • An insurance renewal proposal on the electric cooker. Fifty quid a year – I’d rather take the chance it won’t blow up.
  • A “with profits” policy from Scottish Widows. I wonder what that was all about?
  • Recent mortgage letters addressed to Miss Gardner, even though she’s been married twenty three years.
  • The chance for the bargain of a lifetime from the Renault garage. Shame the bargain offer ended a few months ago.
  • The receipt and guarantee for the pond filtration system (expired last October)
  • Confirmation of my ordering the shed (from 2008)
  • A note relating to the scout group’s Alaskan trip of 2008.
  • An invite to the Brighton Kite Fliers 2008 AGM
  • Urgent notice from the Environment Agency that my house is in imminent danger of flooding (Dated 2008)
  • My “thumbs up” from the CRB (dated January 2007)
  • My Norwich Union 2007 bonus pack
  • A woggle from a scouting event in 2007.
  • My old scouting warrant, which expired seven years ago.
  • Thirty one bank statements for the snake club (which folded over ten years ago)

It’s amazing what rubbish I’ve found. And I’m not the one who hoards stuff. I should have cleared out this rubbish yesterday – after all, the bin men came first thing this morning.

Mind you, I’m (once again) wondering what I should do about the snake club money. There’s over a hundred pounds in the account. I actually resigned as Treasurer of the snake club over ten years ago, and the new committee did nothing about changing the banking details. And then the club folded within a few weeks of my resignation anyway.

I’ve done some research into this in the past, and whilst I can arrange to donate it to charity, should any ex-club members appear they may well have a claim to some of the funds. I suppose it’s not my money, I’m just looking after it. I’ll leave it where it is for another few months.

And then to work, where I was the subject of some disrespect. Today’s news told the tale of baby Xavier who, despite only being six months old, can walk. My colleagues felt there was an uncanny resemblance. Bottoms will be spanked (!)

I then received a text from “Daddies Little Angel TM ” who’d uncovered a painting I once did. I’d forgotten about that one. I’re put it as today’s piccy. I’m rather proud of it.

And in closing, can I remind my loyal readers that this Saturday there’s still (possibly) one or two spare tickets for the E.L.O. tribute band. If anyone fancies a night out this Saturday night, please get in touch…

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  1. I have to agree there is deffo more than a passing likeness............ sez..........lol.
    Your painting is beautiful btw