12 February 2010 (Friday) - VIPs, Sledges

Snow-mageddon would seem to have abated somewhat, and as I set off for work, the snow was giving way to slush. I got to work early today because (as I mentioned last week) our VIP guest was coming, and I needed to clean up the mess I made up the wall last night. Due to some lax pouring, I’d got blue stain everywhere.

After an hour’s serious scrubbing, we eventually got the sad news – our VIP wasn’t coming. I can only imagine he had found better things to do with his time. I was really disappointed. I’d bought a new shirt especially for the occasion, and I’d been practicing my curtsy all week.

Mind you, after all was said and done, the VIP guest was only Michael Howard (who?). He’s MP for Folkestone, and is retiring in a few months time. I’m not sure why he was coming round anyway. If I was retiring in a couple of months, I’d be taking it easy. But in my world, a retiring MP is probably as about as exciting as it gets.

We’d spent ages tidying up for his visit, and he didn’t show. I shan’t be voting for him again. Not that I ever have.

And then, having found my sledge, at lunch time we went sledging again. I say “we” – there was a general invitation to everyone at work which was met with polite amazement. The four of us who went had a great time. my sledge did quite well, but the Haemo-sledge (patent pending) snapped under the strain of it’s maiden voyage. Oh how we laughed. We nearly flattened the smokers who were having a crafty fag. And under the melting snow we found a frozen puddle that wasn’t quite as frozen as it might have been. And some of us even got snow in our cracks (not me, I hasten to add). And then when we returned to work, everyone seemed rather miffed that they’d missed out. They will be even more miffed when they see the video. As I told them, there’s always next time.

I spent the afternoon aching. It has been said that I am a big kid. It has also been said (only this morning) that I am too old to go sledging. Unfortunately both statements are (probably) true. I might ache (I do!), but I shall keep sledging for a little while longer.

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