5 September 2016 (Monday) - After the Night Shift

After a rather busy night I was rather disappointed to see it was raining this morning. I’d planned to take "Furry Face TM", "Daddy’s Little Angel TM" and "Stormageddon - Bringer of Destruction TM" for a little walk round Great Chart this morning. Geocaches don’t maintain themselves you know. But where I had in mind is liable to flood, so we abandoned that idea and walked round the park and out to Singleton Lake instead. We got some bread and flung it to the ducks. I say “to”, little Jake was trying to throw it “at” the ducks. The ducks were entertaining; each duck that actually got any bread immediately got bitten on the backside by all the other ducks that didn’t get bread. Ducks can be rather nasty to each other.
As we walked the fine rain persisted. The annoying fine ran that doesn’t look as though it is enough to worry about, but after five minutes leaves you absolutely soaked.

We came home, and I set an alarm for a few hours and went to bed. I woke shortly before that alarm was due to go off because someone’s car alarm was going off outside. So I had a late lunch (whilst watching South Park”) then had a look-see on-line. There were a lot of posts on social media about people “going back to work” today. Sometimes teachers boil my piss. They get *very* touchy whenever it is implied that they work less than twenty-five hours every day, but have made great show of having just had six weeks paid holiday over the summer. Do they realise that this one holiday is far more time off work than most people get all year?
I also saw there had been absolutely no takers whatsoever for the astro club’s event which is planned for this Saturday. The astro club’s been asked to help out with a stargazing event at Dungeness. Admittedly I’ve got other plans, but the membership has been asked if they might like to take part. No one’s replied. On the one hand this might seem discouraging. On the other hand should we expect people to be getting involved. When they join the club what exactly are people signing up for? I’m fast coming to the conclusion that all the punters want is a once-a-month show. That is something we do very well. Maybe we shouldn’t be trying to do any more than the monthly meets?

As is always the case after a couple of night shifts I found myself feeling rather tired, so I sat quietly and carried on working on the Batcamp Archives. I got stuff about three more camps up, including another archive of photos, this lot from 2005.

"er indoors TM" boiled up a rather good bit of dinner, and with her bowling I managed to stay awake through some of yesterday’s TV that the SkyPlus had recorded for me. “The Last Ship” was OK, and I quite liked “Poldark”.

And in closing today, did you know that as well as this diary, I write another blog. For professional reasons I am legally obliged to keep a record of all the ongoing extra-curricular studies I do which are work-related. I have to read journals, reflect on case studies, read professional newsletters… it is all rather dull really but every year one out of every twenty registered biomedical scientists is required to prove they are actually doing continuing professional development. I find writing what I do as a blog works for me. Every time I do something worthy of note (which is three or four times a week) I make a few notes, then every so often I write up my notes and publish them. I’ve made the blog public; when I first started the thing I did so as an example to the trainees. Now things are rather different (I don’t supervise the trainees any more) but I’ve never bothered to change the privacy settings. And over the years the thing has developed a cult following. I published a few entries on Saturday, and yesterday ninety-eight people logged on to read them.
I wonder what people expect to get from that blog; it is rather dull.

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