29 September 2016 (Thursday) - A Day Asleep

Last night’s shift was surprisingly quiet. Odd that I should have been more tired than usual after a night shift. I came home just as "er indoors TM" was going out, and I put on my new shoes and took my dog for a walk. I got some new shoes from Go Outdoors last night. They are summery walking shoes. Perhaps this might not be the right season for them, but they were half price. I took a photo of the shoes on the table and posted it to Facebook. "er indoors TM" has this idea that shoes on the table is unlucky, so I often put shoes on the table to wind her up.
As we set off on our walk so the rain started. I think everyone else must have seen the weather forecast; other than Orangehead and her Chunky Little Friend, we didn’t see anyone as we walked.

Once home I poured dangerous chemicals down the bath’s plug hole. I’m pretty sure I flushed out all the gunge from the pond’s filter, but it never hurts to pour dangerous chemicals down the plug hole just to be sure.
And I put a different load of dangerous chemicals into the dishwasher to give that a good scrubbing out; I thought it was a bit whiffy yesterday.

I then went to bed. Six hours later I got up and watched an episode of “Game of Thrones”; and now I’m off to work again…

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