2 September 2016 (Friday) - Sevenoaks, Fishing

I was wide awake and breathless after only three hours sleep, and so was sitting up watching “South Park” ay 3am. After a couple of rather lame episodes I was able to breathe relatively easily so I went back to bed only to find my side of the bed had been hijacked by a small dog. I worked myself around him, and slept until 6am.
Over brekkie I watched this week’s episode of “Dark Matter”. For all that I like the show I have absolutely no idea of which character is what, and have no idea what is going on. Perhaps I need to watch the lot again from the beginning.
I then had a look on-line. There was something on Facebook which made me sigh. Apparently research has now found that smacking children when they are badly behaved actually makes them better people. This is something I’ve been saying for years; it has always been my experience that those who advocate against corporal punishment either have no experience of children or have the most ill-behaved brats.
I watched one such ill-behaved brat shove its small sister over in the park the other day. The father tried to reason with the brat and explained how the smaller one’s feelings had been hurt. The one that had done the shoving just did it again. A crack on the arse would have been far more effective; and would only need to be applied once.
I then spent a little while going through photos of myself which people had posted onto Facebook in which I was asleep. I’m sure my habit of nodding off at inopportune moments is really amusing to some; to me it is a matter of extreme frustration. I’ve untagged myself in all the photos I can find.

I then popped the lead onto "Furry Face TM" and we drove up to Sevenoaks Weald where seven of us (and two dogs) had a rather good walk round the beautiful Kentish countryside. Some rather wonderful views, pretty woodlands… it was only a shame that I had to finish off the rabbit that one of our pups didn’t quite kill cleanly. But that is survival of the fittest for you. And I even took a few photos as we walked. Today we wandered for about four hours. We covered a shade over five miles and made twenty five geo-finds; finishing just as the rain started.
I do like the mid-week walks. I find a geo-series that I haven’t done that looks as though it will fill a few hours, solve the nearby puzzles just in case we might be walking past them, then I just ask who fancies going for a walk. Sometimes no one is free, and other days (like today) there are several of us. Someone else has done the hard work in organising the route; all I do is ask who wants to go for a walk with me and my dog.

We made our way home, and arrived home just as "er indoors TM" was pulling up. I helped her load her car (she’s off to geo-camp with Fudge) and I loaded my fishing gear into my car and went round for "My Boy TM". We then had three hours tiddler-bashing at Singleton Lake. We soon lost count of the amount of fish we’d caught (but both agreed I’d had most) so we decided to have a competition based on who caught the most species of fish. I won – Dan didn’t catch any bream.

By seven o’clock the light was failing and we were both rather cold so we gave up. I dropped "My Boy TM" home, then I got myself a kebab and chips for dinner, and settled down in front of the telly. “Game of Thrones” doesn’t watch itself…

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