25 September 2016 (Sunday) - Stuff

I had a frankly awful night’s sleep. Despite a relatively early night I found myself wide awake and struggling to breathe at 3am, and couldn’t get back to sleep. So I put the finishing touches to the first draft of my archive of memories from Bat-Camps then watched “Dad’s Army” over brekkie.

As I drove to work the pundits on the radio were talking about a thinly-veiled attempt to re-write history. The current Prime Minister has effectively one task; to lead the country out of the European Union.  However it has been questioned if she is right for the job as she was never actually in favour of leaving.
Or so we were once told.
Now stories are emerging that the previous Prime Minister was not at all impressed with Mrs May's commitment to the "leave" camp.  It is now claimed that she let the "leave" side down over a dozen times by refusing to speak out in public on the matter. Was she a Brexiteer all along? I doubt it, but this is what we are now supposed to think.
Just wait - give it a week or so and history will say she was in favour of leaving all along.

The same pundits told us that Jeremy Corbyn has been confirmed as the leader of the Labour Party following a vote of the membership of the Labour party. Or (to be precise) he's been voted in by a whole load of people who have only just joined the Labour party seemingly specifically to vote him in.
I'm sure he means well, but the media have decided against him. And what about this "Momentum" political party within a political party of his?

Does no one read history any more? This is *exactly* what happened to the Labour party in the early 1980s when the party deliberately made themselves unelectable for over a decade.
 Is this idiocy on one side or conspiracy on the other?

And I rolled my eyes when I heard that the Pope is softening the Catholic church's line on divorced people taking Holy Communion. The Catholic church *really* are making it up as they go along. There is nothing in the Bible about divorced people and Holy Communion. (I know a thing or two about this - I was once a steward in the Methodist church). In fact weddings in churches only became the in-thing about three to four hundred years ago when vicars started doing them to get the punters into the churches.

I got to work and my phone beeped. An email. My munzee account has been disabled because I've not logged in for six months. Is it really that long?
And I then did my bit. As I often do I found myself looking out of the window and thinking about what I was missing. Today is "My Boy TM"'s birthday. The family were getting together and going out for Sunday roast dinner. And a beer or two. Still, we'd had a good day's fishing together on Thursday.
I really should organise another day on the canal…

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