3 September 2016 (Saturday) - Blasts from the Past

Another restless night; I woke feeling rather lonely. With both "er indoors TM" and "Furry Face TM" at geo-camp the house seemed rather empty. I made some brekkie and was scoffing it whilst watching “Killjoys” before seven o’clock.
I then thought I might do some laundry. I’ve been unable to locate any tea towels recently. I found them all in the washing basket. So I set the washing machine loose on them and had a go at emptying my letter rack.

First of all was bank statements. I knew they wouldn’t be pretty, and they weren’t. The bank has also sent me a contactless credit card. I’ve not had one of these before. I wonder if I will ever use it.
I then had the 2016 Federation of Astronomical Societies handbook. A rather well-produced booklet. It doesn’t look as though it was cheap to make, I doubt anyone will ever actually read the thing, and it had the wrong contact details for our astro club.

Having heard the washing machine was done I hung out all the tea towels and ran out of pegs. I’d had this plan to mow the lawn, but heavy rain overnight meant the grass was soaking so I carried on sorting the contents of the letter rack.
Car insurance renewal documents, house insurance renewal documents, dog insurance renewal documents. And I found two dog insurance claim forms. I’d been waiting for those and having given up waiting in the end I’d downloaded one. The claim forms were partly filled in for me; they said Fudge’s birthday was 28 August 2010. I wonder if that is right?
I had an offer of insurance on the water pipes coming in and out of the house. I’m hoping that is covered on the house building insurance; it was last time. And I had a voucher for fifteen pounds off of the next car service. I could have used that last week (!)
I had a letter from the Halifax building society telling me of changes to an account that I don’t think I have.
And there were three Ordnance Survey maps in the letter rack. I wonder what they were doing there.

With the letter rack sorted and once again empty I then cracked on with the Bat-Camp archive. I must admit I’m finding it rather hard work. The more recent years will be easier as I’ve kept regular diaries since 2006, but so far I’ve done the first three camps. Admittedly they are now over sixteen years ago, but surely someone must remember something from way back when. It would be good if they did because I don’t. Which is why I started writing this diary.
Mind you I did find something of a treasure trove; loads of photos from the August 2000 camp, but all in .cam format. With a little fiddling about I turned them into .jpeg and then I posted the lot up to Facebook. I shall use some of those later. I then had a rummage and also found a hoard of piccies from 1998 and another from 1999.

"Daddy’s Little Angel TM" phoned. Did I want to drive her out to Headcorn to watch s friend doing a parachute jump? To be honest I didn’t. I’ve had this annoying cough and cold for a day or so and a morning spent slobbing about was what I had in mind.

My laptop then asked if I would mind if it had a little updating session. Bearing in mind that it was nice to be asked I said it would be fine. It was at this point that it told me the update might take an hour and a half, so I left it to get on with it, and despite the grass being damp I mowed the lawn and watched another episode of “Killjoys”. The show is somewhat like “Dark Matter” in that although I quite like it, I have no idea who is what, and what is happening.

I then spent the afternoon in bed. The original plan had been to go to geo-camp, and the backup plan had been the beer festival at the rugby club. But a colleague needed to swap his shifts so’s he could get married and so I felt I ought to oblige.
After three hours sleep I got the washing in, had some scoff, watched a documentary about the Kray twins, and now I’m off to work…

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