2 May 2023 (Tuesday) - Oh, I Ache...

I slept like a log last night, but woke in pain. I really overdid the gardening on Sunday and probably did too much clearing out the shed yesterday.
I had my usual look at Facebook as I scoffed brekkie and saw that yesterday we’d missed “Jack In The Green” in Hastings. Again. Back in the day it was a very good day out. These days… whilst we enjoyed being there in the past, the place was heaving with about (quite literally) fifty thousand tourists too many. And it was never a cheap day out either, by the time I’d called in to every pub there was.
There wasn’t much else happening on-line so once the dogs had scoffed brekkie we went for our walk.
As we drove the pundits on the radio were interviewing the leader of the opposition Sir Kier Starmer. Like all leaders of the opposition he was very quick to point out the government’s failings, but was less forthcoming with specific details of how his bunch would do things better.
We got to the car park, and had a rather good stomp round Orlestone Woods. The mud has noticeably receded since last week, and we did our usual circuit without any of the nonsense from Morgan that spoiled our walks last year.
In fact he only misbehaved once… I’ve noticed that on our recent trips to Orlestone as we come to the car, Morgan stops. They other two come to me to get their leads put on. Morgan doesn’t. He just looks at me. And when I blow the whistle he deliberately turns away. He never does anything like this after the (admittedly much longer) walks in Kings Wood. Is he saying he wants a longer walk?
We came home and had a quick bath. Being small, Morgan and Bailey get mud up their legs and bellies, and Treacle deliberately chooses to wade belly deep in the stagnant mire.
With baths bathed I got all the rubbish out of the shed that I’d bagged up yesterday and loaded it into the car. Much as I like my (had it for eighteen months now!) new car, it hasn't got the tip run capacity that the old car had.
I popped to the corner shop for a croissant and a pain au chocolat, then ordered some razor blades from Amazon. Have you ever done that? It takes some doing. I had to go through all sorts of verifications steps. Next time I shall just go to Sainsburys.
I instructed a solicitor (!) then got changed for work.
I popped round to the tip to get rid of the rubbish I'd sorted yesterday. I think that everyone had the same idea as I'd had yesterday about clearing out sheds; the tip was heaving with normal people today. The staff were telling anyone who would listen that they'd never had such a busy Tuesday.
One of the tip staff inspected one of my consignments of rubbish and told me I'd failed. Rather than dinging it all in the general waste I had to spread it out over half a dozen skips. I made a point of waiting until that chap was haranguing another customer before lobbing my bagfuls of rubbish into the general waste. Mind you it was only the one chap who was checking the rubbish. No one else seemed to care.
Despite the place being heaving it didn't take *that* long to unload and I was soon on my way westwards through the -hursts and the -dens singing along to Ivor Biggun as I went. As I got to the works car park so I had a message from “er indoors TM”.  My two old pond filters had been collected.
“er indoors TM had this plan to sell the things via Facebook marketplace. I had this plan to fling them in the skip at the tip as no one in their right mind would give me money for them. To prove I was right I advertised the things on Facebook marketplace yesterday, and to prove me wrong some chap drove up from Deal and gave me (well, “er indoors TM) eighty quid for them both. That's eighty quid more than I thought I'd get. Let's hope he realises the things won't work without a hundred quid's worth of pump (that I *wasn't* selling).
I got to work and felt rather worn out. What with a busy weekend, and then this morning's dog walk and tip run I think I rather overdid it this morning.
As I tried to skive at work I tried not to laugh out loud as I listened in on someone else's conversation in which someone who works down the corridor was adamant that gammon was a type of fish…

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