13 October 2021 (Wednesday) - Brekkie, Boosters

This morning’s shave seemed to be hard work; what with all the excitement of dog flea and worm treatments yesterday I forgot to have a shave then. That rarely happens. Over toast I watched another episode of “Squid Game” which was rather good. It would have been better if not for the rather iffy translations from the original Korean into English.

I then sparked up my lap-top. There wasn’t much of note on Facebook this morning other than religious organisations begging for money to do what they saw as God’s work. These adverts were just wrong on so many levels. Can these people not do the right thing without some supernatural entity telling them good from bad? And why does some all-powerful entity need financial help from me?


As I walked out the door on a rather cold morning so the bloke from up the road was walking to his car which was parked outside our house. He got into it, drove it twenty yards to park it outside his house, then went back indoors. What was that all about?

As I headed off toward Pembury so the pundits on the radio were interviewing one of the leading lights of the shipping firm Maersk who was talking about how their company is directing their ships away from Felixstowe and sending them to European ports as Felixstowe (like all UK ports) is full to overflowing. Apparently there is usually a delay of a day or so between a ship being unloaded and the containers being driven away, but at the moment this delay is ten days in the UK because there aren't enough HGV drivers to shift the stuff. Apparently this isn't news - this delay has been the case for nearly two years (or so it was claimed). Having been told (on the radio many times) that there is a Europe-wide shortage of HGV drivers it now seems that European ports have no shortage of drivers to clear the cargo from ships which unload there (!)

And today there was a lot of talk about WIlliam Shatner (who was the original Captain Kirk) who was getting ready to blast off on Jeff Bezoz's "Blue Origin" rocket and so become the oldest person to have been to space.


I got to work where I tried to deploy a Skyland (as one does - it's a Munzee thing). Having been spending out on magnets I realised  that getting a second Skyland might be a cheaper option (scanning bar codes ain't cheap). I bought one last night and had a plan to deploy it in the car park at work where I could Munz it before or after work. Since I already had one there I thought I might double my Munz-ing activity each day. But it turns out that the Munzee software won't allow any Skyland to be deployed within three quarters of a mile of any other. Had they told me that in the first place I wouldn't have wasted my money. So I deployed a Tree House and had a bit of a sulk instead.


I was at work early today, but not where I usually work. One difference between the two places is where I usually work is directly opposite the staff canteen, and I rarely (if ever) smell the food. Where I worked today was the far side of the building from the staff canteen and I usually walk in to the smell of the brekkie there. So with a few minutes to spare I went and had the brekkie. Hash brown, sausage, bacon, mushrooms, scrambled eggs and baked beans all washed down with a cup of coffee. Can't be bad; it certainly stopped my sulking.

On the minus side I had my COVID booster and flu jabs today. But the nurse's insistence that I sat and rested for twenty minutes after the jabs did effectively made for an extra coffee break. Result!


Both my arms ache now…

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