3 October 2021 (Sunday) - Kings Wood

 As I peered into the Internet this morning it seemed the world has but one thing on its mind – where can we get petrol? With queues of cars following tankers (only to find they are carrying concrete) something needs to be done. One obvious thing that would help everyone would be for every fuel station that has run out to turn off the illuminated boards outside.

What with all the rain yesterday no one seemed to have done anything worth posting to Facebook. One friend did go to an Oktoberfest session in Tunbridge Wells, queued in the rain for an hour only to be told by the organiser that the event was cancelled. She then went home to get no end of messages from her mates who were at that Oktoberfest event which the organiser decided to run after all. She’s hoping to get a refund on her ticket.

As I scoffed toast so I got a couple of emails. Some new geocaches had appeared on the route we walked a couple of weeks ago. Oh well… no FTF for us today. In fact it turned out to be no FTF for anyone – no one logged a find on them. I suppose people are loathe to use petrol.


On Friday we’d cancelled our plans to go for a walk today because of the awful weather forecast. Yesterday the forecast changed quite a lot, so we decided to have a major hike today after all. Not wanting to go too far from home we met Karl, Tracey and Charlotte and went for a wander round Kings Wood. Rather than following any of our standard routes round the woods we rather went rogue and made a new one. Partly following the paths we’ve walked before and partly exploring new places we had a good walk. As we went round we met another dog walker whose dog was on a lead “because of the deer”. We saw fresh deer poo, but didn’t see any deer. We heard pheasants and even saw one or two (fortunately the dogs didn’t).

Kings Wood is always good for a walk. There are one or two hills, but nothing too strenuous. The dogs can run off of their leads straight from the car. 

As we walked we called in at some of the geocaches I’d hidden in the woods there. But for all that we walked for seven and a half miles, we only visited less than half the caches I’d put out there. Plenty to do on another day.

I took a few photos as we walked today. I was so glad we went ahead with our walk. I *really* love our weekend strolls, but clearly nowhere near as much as Treacle who actually squeals in excitement every time Karl throws a stick for her. She really does squeal; it is so sweet to hear.


We came home and just as we’d finished bathing the dogs so the heavens opened. We’d got home just in time. We had a cuppa and the buns that I’d bought at the works branch of Marks and Spencer yesterday, then “er indoors TM” and the dogs both fell asleep on the sofa.


We did a “Just Eat” for dinner getting an Indian from the local curry house and opening a (sadly disappointing) bottle of rather expensive wine. Whilst we scoffed we watched a film. “Pride” was a rather good film set in the mid-eighties and was all about how the gay communities raised money for the striking miners.

Sadly I don’t think the curried mixed grill is sitting very well…

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