7 September 2104 (Sunday) - Lulworth

A reasonable night's sleep at the Florian Guest House in Weymouth; even if the seagulls were a tad noisy at times. I suppose it's my own fault for not thinking to close the window I opened yesterday evening.
Brekkie was particularly good; marred only by Radio 2's Sunday morning religion show which I felt was rather too much forcing Christianity onto the masses. Mind you I did feel for one sad act who had emailed the presented to say that today was her birthday and she was up before 9am on a Sunday preparing the vegetables for the family's dinner. Bless her; if that's what she does as a birthday treat I dread to wonder what happens on dull days.

With brekkie scoffed we set off to nearby Lulworth where we did the touristy things. Having parked up we walked UP the coastal path to Durdle Door. We enjoyed the views, had an ice cream, and made our way to Lulworth Cove. We walked around and about. "er indoors TM" admired the scenery. I admired the bikini-clad lesbians who were snogging. Whilst "er indoors TM" had a paddle I scrambled up to the far end of the cove to get some more photos. As I scrambled I was startled by a lizard. And another. There were several; including one which was probably the largest lizard I've seen wild in the UK; he was easily eight inches long.

From Lulworrth Cove we drove round to Lulworth Castle which was a tad dull. From there we found something rather amazing. Tyneham Village was once hoe to a thriving community of over two hundred people. In 1943 the entire place was evacuated for secret military reasons. The locals were told they could go back after the war. They didn't, and now the place is something of a ghost town.

We spent rather longer at Tyneham than we had planned, and by the time we'd got stuck in traffic jams near Southampton we didn't get home till nearly 10pm.
I spent a few minutes uploading a photo or two of the day, and then it was bed time... I've got to go back to work tomorrow...

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