10 September 2014 (Wednesday) - More Stuff

I slept right through until my alarm went off this morning. That's happened a few times lately. I'm quite pleased about that. I got up, had brekkie whilst watching "Saxondale" and then checked my emails.
One of them was from the leccie company. They have reviewed my power usage and have reduced my combined leecie and gas bill by twenty quid per month. I wish they'd stop messing about like this; they do the same thing every six months. I use more power in heating and lighting over the winter so they see that and increase the direct debit in March. And then over the summer I use less (because it is summer) and so they put the bill down again in September. You would think they'd take summer and winter usage into account when they work out the bills; after all we get summers and winters every year.

And there were more emailed replies to the survey I've sent out. Using SurveyMonkey I've circulated a survey on behalf of the astro club committee to see what the punters make of what goes on at astro club. I've had twenty-odd replies so far... and one whinge from the obligatory plum who can't get the thing to work.
I get almost identical gripes from people who can't solve some of the geo-puzzles that I've set; what do you say to people like this. Everyone else can make the thing work. Clearly it's not what I've done that is at fault....

I set off to work listening to the radio as usual; there was little of note. The Scottish independence vote still commands the headlines even though most people are now getting bored of hearing about it. Shares in Scottish businesses fell at the weekend when the "Yes" vote got a boost in the polls. All three major British political parties are against the idea. The Queen would seem to be pro-unionist and now even the Welsh premier says he's against Scottish independence too. There are a million and one reasons why it's a silly idea (for Scotland), and only misplaced national pride in favour of it (for Scotland). The sooner the idea gets thrown out the better.

Arky-ologists have discovered another Stonehenge just two miles from the first. This one's underground. Perhaps that's why they've missed it for so long.
And I had a wry smile when I heard that the power companies are being forced to pay money back to customers they overcharged. Perhaps this is why my leccie company is forever fiddling with my bill; they are terrified of being accused of profiteeering.

Once at work I did what I could. A colleague had brought in cake; that went down very nicely. And lunchtime's sax practice was OK too. As I was walking out to do sax practice I heard my name being called. It was someone I used to work with; someone I'd not seen since the fruits of my lion were in nappies. And she's been working just down the corridor from me for these last three years. It's amazing what you miss when you don't pay attention.

Once home I took "Furry Face TM" for a walk. I repaired some of the damage that the blue menace ("er indoors TM") had done to South Ashford. And my mummy phoned. Someone ("My Boy TM") had told her that I have already had my surgical nasal re-bore, and she wouldn't believe that I hadn't until I reminded her that I would be sure to let her know because I would expect a "going in to hospital" present. (hint! hint!)

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