27 September 2014 (Saturday) - Home Alone

There was no burning reason for me to be up early this morning. I don't know why, but I was wide awake at 4am, and I was up and watching "Revolution" on the telly before 6am. Much as I do like that show, it does ocassionally lack plausibility. In today's episode our hero had the baddie in his sights. Literally. And then did something utterly unbeleivable. Having walked from Chicago to Philadelphia (750 miles according to Google Maps) our hero had a rifle pointing at the baddie (at a distance of five yards), and then threw the rifle away to have a sword fight with said baddie. And acted surprised when the baddie got away.
Would you do that?

The second wash load was into the washing machine by 6.30am. Being bored I thought up my top ten album list and posted it onto Facebook (for want of anything else to do)
I then got the washing on the line and took "Furry Face TM" for a little stroll round the North Park where he woofed at some ducks. We came home in time to say goodbye to "er indoors TM" who was off to a family bash. Perhaps I should have gone along too, but I'd got my sax lesson booked and I didn't really have enough notice to cancel it.
I then took a car load of rubbish to the tip, and once home again I mowed the lawn. With lawn mowed I set about the monthly accounts, and then did the same to the astro club's accounts. Both are reasonable, but both could be better. Whilst ploughing through my letter rack I found a money-off voucher for Matalan. Result !

I popped round to give Jason some money he was owed by the astro club, then went round for my sax lesson. The lesson went well; my homework pieces from last time came out OK; this week's homework is rather tricky though.
I then went to Matalan to squander my new-found money off voucher. I needed some new trousers for work, and I got a new slob-about fleece as well. My current slob-about fleece (the Grumpy one) is ten years old, discoloured and has several holes. It's had a fair innings, and needs to be retired.

Once home I then heaved the rear seats back into my car. They've been out some time, and were in the way where they were. What with shifting garden compost to the tip this morning and moving the car seats this afternoon I think I might have strained my back.

I put "Furry Face TM"'s collar and lead on him and we went for a little stroll. As we walked through Newtown I heard a commotion from an upstairs window. As I looked up I caught the eye of a potentially foxy young lady in that window who was wearing nothing but a rather saucy bra and a rather sour expression. As she turned away she shouted "F*!@ off - I'm not interested". To be honest that came as some relief; my back wasn't up to dealing with a bra like that. I then heard a muffled man's voice say something and said bra-wearing lady turned to look into the room and shouted "well stick it up your...".
I walked away giggling.
As we walked past Asda I thought we might try for that geocache I failed to find twice earlier in the week. My GPS app told me I was within two yards of where I needed to be when I was harangued by a passing idiot who was pushing a wheelbarrow full of rubbish. He was having a rant about all the rubbish that he'd picked up, and loudly announced that he'd been spending years clearing up after people like me. I told him that I'd only walked down the path for the first time only five days ago because the path had only been open for less than two weeks. The idiot took no notice and carried on ranting, so I walked away. As I went he shouted after me that there were no dog dung bins along the new path, and I might like to put some out.
I mooched for twenty minutes and then returned to the geocache's general location hoping that the idiot had gone. He had, and I met some geo-buddies who (like me) were after this elusive cache. After a little to-ing and fro-ing it turned out that my initial idea of where I thought it was had been utterly wrong. The thing was actually a far easier hide than I had been expecting it to be.

We then geo-chatted for a little while, and then I took my dog home past the pet shop where I got him a bone for his tea. I got myself some kebab meat and chips, and with both of us fed I settled down to iron all that I'd washed earlier.
I know how to live on a Saturday night...

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