26 September 2014 (Friday) - Astro Club

Last night we had a bottle of plonk with dinner, and as there was a little bit of cheese I had a glass of port with it. Consequently I felt a tad rough this morning as I watched "Revolution". It has got one or two plot holes, but as these shows go, it's not bad.
I scoffed my brekkie as my dog snored and then set off to work.

As I drove I listened to the radio. Nigel Farrage, leader of UKIP was ranting. He does that. Yesterday I expressed amazement at how well his party was doing despite having nothing to offer the electorate other than unbridled jingoism. Today he was again doing the same; painting a picture of a Britain utterly perfect in every way financed by our leaving the European Union.
I was also amazed at the story of the seventy-year old chap in prison in Pakistan having been shot by one of the guards whilst waiting for execution for blasphemy.
It's easy to forget that large parts of the world are still in the dark ages.
And Parliament has been recalled to discuss bombing somewhere else in the Middle East.
A year ago the same politicians were talking about taking a stand against the lot we are now supporting. Does anyone understand what's actually going on in the Middle East? I certainly don't.

I got to work, and did my bit. After I'd scoffed my sandwich I went to the car park and had what I thought was a reasonable sax practice. The passing proles didn't think so; one spotty oik walking along a nearby footpath bellowed "Oi mister.... you're rubbish" and then ran off as fast as he could.
I spent the rest of the afternoon giggling about that.

After work I set off to McDonalds where I met up with "er indoors TM", Jimbo and Stevey for some McTea, and then it was on to astro club. We had a good talk tonight about the spin-offs from the space program which have benefitted society at large. And after cake for McMillan's Day Stevey gave a rather good talk about four things can be found in the sky using the pair of squegasus as a point of reference. Pausing only briefly fo confuse Uranus with Neptune Stevey gave a really good talk.
It was only a shame that the attendance wasn't what it once was. Where we used to have a turn-out of over seventy; tonight's show saw only about forty people. And despite clearing skies no one seemed to want to telescope.

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