25 September 2014 (Thursday) - Social Attitudes

I had another decent night's sleep; and being on a late shift I didn't stir until nearly 7am. That is a serious lie-in for me. In a break with recent viewing I watched Les Dennis in "Extras" today. It struck me that this episode will quite likely be of interest to future historians if only to show how quickly social standards change. Today's episode featured Les Dennis as a fading pantomime star openly expecting sexual favours from the various young women he encountered through his celebrity status; because that was the public expectation when the show was first released in August 2005. Today that sort of behaviour (which was clearly seen as acceptable nine years ago) is seen as grounds for jailing celebrities.

I got "Furry Face TM" into his collar and lead and we went for a little walk. A couple of days ago I mentioned a new local geocache I couldn't find. We went back today and still couldn't find it. My High-tech GPS device (phone) led be to the middle of a new footbridge. With the cache having an "easy peasy" rating it should be a cinch. I couldn't find it. Again. I have some theories.... either the co ords are way out, it's gone, or I'm just being thick. Mind you I do have a suspicion where it might be, but that would involve a spanner and disassembling part of the bridge. I'm not sure I want to do that.
We gave up and continued our walk, and on aanother bridge we met a "plum". I *really* must have an idiot magnet. The footbridge between the Riiverside Inn and the Outlet Centre is eight to ten feet wide. Me and my dog were walking along the far left hand side with the furry one sniffing the raillings (as you do). A clearly retired idiot had a properly nasty whinge that the little dog was in his way and was taking up too much of the width of the footbridge.
One day I will stop smiling sweetly at these people.

Off to work. As I drove "Women's Hour" was on the radio. They had an interview with the UKIP Deputy Chairman Suzanne Evans. In a ten minute interview she didn't actually say anything definitive or actually commit her party to anything. Instead she waxed loquacious about how wonderful everything would be if we sent all the foreigners back on the next banana boat. In fact she got rather over-excited about that. It amazes me how well this lot are doing in elections and opinion polls without actually having any policies. I suppose it just shows how much of the general public want nothing more than to send all the foreigners back on the next banana boat.
And there was also a recorded interview with the Dowager Duchess of Devonshire (She died yesterday). In the interview she was asked about Adolf Hitler; apparently she once met him. And here is another example of changing social attitudes. It wasn't that long ago when my grandmother wouldn't even allow the name to be mentioned; today people are fascinated by personal recollections about Hitler.

Whilst I was out I went and looked for a geocache before work; unlike earlier I found this one. And on finding it I also found a disused railway and what appeared to be a disused railway station in surprisingly good condition just down the track. I was about to go trespassing to investigate when I suddenly realised that far from being a disused railway station, it was actually someone's house. Woops!

I got to work; on arrival I found two blokes nearly coming to blows over their mobile phones. One was convinced he could tell what mobile network someone was on from the colour of the mobile phone. The other was convinced the first was a prat. Neither liked the other's attitude.
I did my bit at work, and today I had a proper lunch. Sandwiches and the like. I've had the last of my herbalife shakes, and much as they were tasty, they weren't very filling. We also got home made cakes in honour of an upcoming birthday too. Cake is always good. And then having caked myself out I waddled to the car park for the lunchtime sax session. I'm getting there with "Oh I do Like to be Beside the Seaside" but my "Teddy Bears' Picnic" has gone somewhat west.

And I'm afraid that the rest of the day was something of an anticlimax after I heard the news that the parents of Honey Boo Boo are getting a divorce.

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