17 September 2014 (Wednesday) - A New Ball

I had a rather good night's sleep, and over brekkie I watched Kate Winslett in "Extras" giving advice on phone sex. A rather odd show for 6.30am.
Apart from someone trying to email me a virus there was little of note on the Internet, and I set off to work on a rather dismal morning. The news was all of Scottish independence; the vote is tomorrow and the pundits feel that the result is too close to call. I find myself in an odd position on the matter. I can't pretend to like the Scots; for many years they have collectively boiled my piss. I live in Kent. All the Scots I encounter are so fiercely patriotic and all vehemently hate the English... so why are they all living in Kent?
However common sense and history both tell us that politically we are better off together than separate.
And (come to that) why do so many Kentish-born-and-bred types all claim to have some vague Scottish heritage which should make them eligible to vote in the independence election? If Scotland truly is so wonderful and people really do feel so strongly for their homeland, why not go and live up there?

The leaders of the "Yes" and "No" campaigns were interviewed live on air this morning. The leader of the "Better Together" campaign was erudite, and answered questions honestly and candidly. I felt he was a tad smarmy, but he made his case well. The leading exponent of the independence movement, the Scottish First Minister, was (I felt) rather evasive. In fact he spoke rubbish. Having been told that an independent Scotland would need its own currency he still intends to use the pound. Having been told an independent Scotland would not automatically be a part of the European union he insisted it would be. I found myself wondering if black could be white if he said so.

Who will win? Time will tell.

I stopped off for petrol at Morrisons which is still cheaper than Ashford's cut-price fuel station, and which still has trouble accepting my credit card. That machine has been on the blink for three years; you would think they'd have got it fixed by now.

I got to work, did my bit, and sulked a little as I could have spent the day fishing with the first fruit of my loins today. It's probably over a year since I last went fishing. Instead I consoled myself with saxophone practice at lunchtime. Today's tootle went reasonably well. As I played away in the car park I was approached by a managerial-type who told me that she thought that it was good that I played my saxophone in the staff car park at lunch time rather than wasting my time in a non-constructive manner. I smiled politely and waited for her to go away before I continued.

Once home I took "Furry Face TM" out to play with his new ball. He *really* doesn't get it; I threw the ball; he chased it, picked it up and carried it for the rest of the walk. He refused to let me have the thing to throw it for him again. Silly pup.
Whilst we were out I saw that the railings were still blocking my Wheri-plan (it's a geocaching thing) so I hunted out a new cache hide for my Wheri-project. And I found one too. We came home and I did some hasty re-programming and uploading. I shall field-test the 1.1 version tomorrow morning and then hopefully spring the thing on an unsuspecting public...

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