13 September 2014 (Saturday) - Rather Tired

I was told off for daring to insinuate that the most recent fruit of my loin had wind last night. "er indoors TM" took her off to hospital shortly before midnight and I tried (and failed) to sleep only to find it really was wind; baby is still safely ensconced where 36-week gestation babies should be.
Despite the trauma of the night, or perhaps because of it, I was wide awake at silly o’clock, and having watched Ricky Gervais on the telly I took "Furry Face TM" round to the park to test out the software of my latest Wherigo project. It all works fine; however the place where I hoped to install the final part is currently fenced off with building works going on. Those of my loyal readers who enjoy a Wherigo (or even know what one is) will have to wait a little longer I’m afraid.
As I walked round the park I was amazed at how many nutters were about at silly o’clock. There were a fair few Gurkhas doing their morning aerobics. And I found myself being followed by a pair which I can only describe as the village idiot’s grandparents.
(A little description might help the non-geocachers here… A Wherigo is a GPS based game played on your SmartPhone. So when playing one (or testing one) any onlooker will wonder why you are wandering around seemingly at random. Especially so when you are trying to get out of a virtual maze which you can only see on your phone)
The village idiot’s grandparents watched me for a bit. I gave them a sickly smile and hoped they would piss off. They asked if they could help me. I thanked them for their offer and politely declined. They insisted that they could help me. I insisted that they could not. They demanded to help me. I told them that they didn’t want to help me at all; they just wanted to know what I was doing. They went red and hurried away.
I came home and mowed the lawn. It was rather damp and rather long; it hadn’t been mowed for two months. It took some mowing. And then having mowed and raked I mowed and raked again. I then put the washing on the line; I felt exhausted. I hadn’t stopped.
It wasn’t even 9am by then.

I wasted the morning pootling about on the Internet; buying geo-supplies on eBay and archiving old geocache whilst "er indoors TM" had a tidy-up. And having scoffed a cream cake for lunch I set off out on a little mission. Two of my geocaches had been reported as needing maintenance. Both allegedly needed new log books. I'll concede that one of them did. The other... I would have said that with seventy five per cent of the paper still available to be written on, there was no immediate need to log a "Needs Maintenance".
I struggled to find the one that didn't need the log changing; someone had moved it about ten metres from where I'd hidden it. But they'd found a better hiding place; we'll run with that one.
I then went on to my sax lesson. Teacher made the observation that no matter what I play, I play it at the same speed; rather too slowly. I think she has a point.

Bearing in mind "Daddies Little Angel TM"'s exploits at the hospital overnight we went down to visit. And bearing in mind my early start I spent most of the visit fast asleep on the sofa whilst Charlie watched "Uncle Grandpa" on the Cartoon Netwoork.
And with "er indoors TM" off to the film night I ironed my shirts, watched "Starship Troopers" and had an early night...

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