28 September 2014 (Sunday) - West Hythe

I slept through till 7.30am this morning. That is unheard of. I was well pleased. I got up and found my dog on the sofa equally sparko. Bearing in mind the relatively late start I didn't put anything on the telly; I just had a look-see on-line. Not a lot was happening, really. I messed about with my next geo-project for a while, but after an hour I was *so* bored.

I took "Furry Face TM" for a little walk round the park and then on here, there and thither. Whilst out we Ingressed a little. There's no denying I'm getting a little bored with that game now. In order to actually *do* anything in the game you have to collect stuff from virtual portals that you find as you are walking about. You only get a couple of things from each portal you pass, so you find yourself doing quite a lot of walking about to collect very little stuff. And you then wake the next morning to find that overnight the opposition has smashed up all that you worked hard to set up.
I suppose it's something to do whilst walking my dog, but more and more I find myself walking that dog with the phone in my pocket and the Ingress app turned off.

We then drove down to the furthest southerly reaches of Ashford where a geocache had apparentlly been stuck up a tree. We saw it from twenty yards away; and I got to within four feet of it. I just couldn't get any purchase on the tree trunk to get myself up the last few feet. Maybe next time...
We then drove down to West Hythe where we had a little geo-walk round a lake, then we walked down the sea wall for a mile or so.
I took a few photos whilst we were out.

Whilst we were out I got cross with my sat-nav app. When we are out in poor quality internet signal areas it *always* wants to download a high quality voice file which is 100Mb in size. When we get home and on to wi-fi it denies all knowledge of any add-on voice files. It tried this trick again today and I called its bluff. I started the download whilst we were out, then I stopped it and continued it on the wi-fi once home.
I wonder if it worked. I shall try it out on the way to work tomorrow.

After a rather good bit of scoff "er indoors TM" set off bowling, and I set about the laundry. Shirts and undercrackers. As I ironed I watched "Jeeves and Wooster" on UK Gold. Bertie got bashed up off of Honoria Glossop, then had an altercation over a cow creamer with Sir Watkyn Basset.
They don't make 'em like that any more. Which is probably for the best....
(Is it just me, or does Totleigh Towers look just like Downton Abbey?)

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