6 September 2014 (Saturday) - Exmouth and Portland

Despite a very busy day yesterday I didn't really sleep well at all. I blame the new surroundings; much as I preferred them to the last hotel.
Whilst waiting for "er indoors TM" to emerge from our pit I had another look at the map from Boscastle to Weymouth. I figured out that with just a "slight" diversion we could do a webcam geocache. And then I realised that going to Penzance would add three hours to our journey. We decided against that plan and went for brekkie. Brekkie was particularly good; even if the hippie lesbians were something of a disappointment.

We located another webcam on the map - this one near Exmouth but it didn't seem to be working at first. But randomly pressing the buttons on the phone looked like it would allow us to access the web cam. It was only a few minutes out of our way (or so we thought); it might be fun.
So we said goodbye to a foggy Cornwall and made our way to Exmouth. As we drove we went right past the Commando training school that featured on the TV show I've been watching recently, so we took a few photos.

We used the geo-navigator to get us to the specified location for the webcam cache, and after a little fiddling about we eventually managed to get a screen shot of us standing about. In retrospect we had gone quite a long way out of our way to do this webcam cache, and taken a lot of trouble to try to get the photo, but what can I say - there are probably only a dozen or so webcam caches in the entire country. It was well worth our effort... if only the C.O. agrees and doesn't delete our log.
I shall cry if he does.

From here we made our way to the Old Inn at Kilverton where we scoffed cheesy chips and/or a stilton ploughman's and then feeling set for the afternoon we went on to Chesil beach for an impromptu geography lesson before spending the rest of the afternoon at Portland Bill where I risked life and limb clambering over a sea stack.
Mainly because there was a sign saying that it was dangerous to do so.

I took some photos of the day and got them on line

Pausing only briefly to get a few Munnzees in Fortuneswell we then moved on to our base for the evening; the Florian Guest House in Weymouth. A quick wash and scrub and then we walked down to The George for our evening meal.
The George has changed beyond all recognition since I was last there; a rack of ribs went down very nicely. We then went round to The Boot which was one *the* ale house to visit. Nowadays it seems to be a haven for undesirables. (Perhaps I'm just developing standards?)

So we passed on a second drink, and came back to the guest house where, having transmitted gibberish to the world, we watched a film. "Road Trip" - how appropriate...

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