31 January 2010 (Sunday) - Eating Too Much

I woke feeling a tad under the weather this morning. Can’t think why. It has been suggested that the third bottle of port after a gallon of ale might have been just the teensiest bit ambitious.

I had raspberry creamy dessert for brekky, followed by trifle and chocolate mousse whist I considered where to tidy up first. I soon gave up with thinking about tidying up and had some more raspberry stuff before attacking the washing up. We seem to have acquired loads of plates. I’m sure their owner will claim them eventually. In the meantime they are coming in handy to eat all the leftover dinner from. The pasta I have for afters was good, and once I’d run round with the hoover, I had some curry for elevenses.

Having fed myself up, I had the strength to carry Brian’s chairs back round to his house. He seemed well, considering. I left him with his chairs, and came home for a bowl of stew. (This stuff doesn’t eat itself, you know!) and then started lugging boxes around the house. Andy arrived and made off with some chairs. He needed to take the bowl containing the raspberry stuff so I scoffed some more of that. Just after he left, Glenn arrived, who took some of the acquired crockery and the curry. Batty then turned up and took a couple of platefuls of food. Which was probably for the best.

By now I was peckish again, and so had a jacket spud with pasta for lunch.

Feeling inexplicably stuffed, I settled down on the sofa and fell asleep in front of SpongeBob for an hour or so until I was woken by James who’d got me a bowl of trifle. So I scoffed that and dozed off again. In fact, pausing only briefly to fix my printer (where someone had set it to print out the entire internet), that was pretty much how I spent the afternoon – scoffing and snoozing. Perhaps a waste of a Sunday, but I was tired….

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