2 April 2022 (Saturday) - Still Sulking

It was ironic that I should wake this morning feeling the best I’ve felt all week, wasn’t it? But such is life.

“er indoors TM” and the dogs set off on their adventure leaving me home alone and sulking, so I made toast, sent out some birthday wishes, and had a look at the Internet.

Over the last few days I have been rather critical of the weather forecast… perhaps unfairly as I’ve only ever looked at what the BBC’s forecast has to say. This morning I looked at both the BBC and the Met Office’s guesses; one felt the current temperature outside my house was just over freezing point; the other felt it was five degrees below. If they can’t agree on something they can actually measure, what hope for that at which they have to guess.

And it would seem that the general public’s love affair with the NHS has come to an end as public satisfaction with the NHS has sunk to its lowest level since 1997, with only a third of voters content with the way the health service is being run and is performing. Public opinion is such a fickle thing, isn’t it? Only a year ago the masses were standing on the doorstep clapping like demented sealions for the NHS; now they think it is rubbish. I can remember saying that the novelty of loving the NHS would wear off, and that would seem to have happened.

Before getting on with the dull housework I was reading my Kindle whilst sat “on the throne” when my phone beeped with the news of the publication of a new geocache. I took one look at the puzzle and decided it was beyond me and not to bother chasing the First to Find.
But two minutes later I wondered how long it would be before another cache gets published locally, and told myself that I shouldn’t be so negative. In the cache description there was a hint, and that which had looked like gibberish suddenly made sense. I frantically got Googling the common denominator of Benny Hill, Lord of the Rings, The Simpsons and Narnia and it wasn’t long before I had some co-ordinates. Mind you I had a minor problem with the first digit of the eastings; my calculations had the final location of my target either in southern France or in hyperspace, but bearing in mind that I’ve actually got a degree in mathematics (I really have!), I checked my sums and realised I only had to drive two miles down the road to get to where the cache was.

Despite road closures I was soon at the obvious parking spot where there was another car parked with the engine running. Had I been beaten? I didn’t recognise the chap in the car. Was he just the chauffer for some other hunters of Tupperware? I looked across to the obvious target as described in the hint and couldn’t see anyone. I wandered over and after a short search I uncovered what I was looking for… and at that very moment I remembered I was supposed to be ill.. I held my breath and held everything at arm’s length as I did the secret geo-rituals. And I was the first one to find it as well. Result !!! This was only my second FTF in over a year. Back in the day I tried to get one a month.
I walked back to my car, and as I got in it, so the chap in the other car drove away. I wonder what he’d been up to? I suspect he wondered what I’d been up to as well.


I came home and scraped the mud off of my boots. I had planned to mow the lawn but it hadn’t grown much at all since I last scalped it. Instead I put a load of washing in to scrub (even though the washing basket was empty yesterday!) and ran round with the Hoover.

I then started planning a Munzee mission for tomorrow. Tomorrow is the start of the Clan War and I can Munz in splendid isolation from inside the car. I sparked up my Munzee app to see that Munzee HQ had given me a present of fifty Zeds. Zeds are a crypto-currency used in the Munzee game. One Zed is worth about half a pence, so whilst fifty of the things isn’t going to make me rich beyond my wildest dreams, it is better than a kick in the goolies.

I then made a cuppa and found that the chocolate digestive biccies had gone off. You wouldn’t think a chocolate digestive biccie could go off, would you? They were foul! I had a little look at the sell-by date and read the packet and realised the biccies hadn’t gone off at all. They were mince pie flavour. Have you ever had a mince pie flavoured chocolate digestive biccie? They are a bit grim.


I then alternated the rest of the day between reading my Kindle, watching “Trailer Park Boys” and playing “Worms” pausing only briefly to send out for dinner. My “Just Eat” app called up a kebab and some chips from… I won’t say where, but I will say it was double the price of the kebabery up the road, and it fuelled the guts ache the mince pie flavoured chocolate digestive biccies had started.


“er indoors TM” then video-called from Norfolk, and I spent a few minutes talking with everyone… and sulking about testing positive for COVID. I must admit that I feel as though I’m testing positive for COVID as opposed to actually having the thing, and I think it fair to say that compared to thousands I seem to have got off very lightly. However that doesn’t stop me wishing I tested negative.

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