18 November 2021 (Thursday) - Fuel Gauges

I was wide awake from three o'clock this morning. I wish I hadn't been. It was rather nippy this morning; I was glad we'd got the bathroom heater fixed.

I made toast and scoffed it whilst watching what turned out to be the Christmas episode of "Big Mouth". The new series started well, but like most TV shows that get to season five it seems to be running out of steam. Today's episode was certainly the weakest so far. Much of it simply wasn't funny.


Finding myself up too early for anything much to have kicked off on Facebook I set off to work. I wandered down a rather dark road again collecting gnome helmets (It’s a Munzee thing), and got to my car who told me that it was only three degrees, and I should watch for icy roads. Rather ironic as the pundits on the radio were remarking on what a warm day it was.

The morning's radio focussed on yesterday's Prime Minister's questions in Parliament. Apparently Boris Johnson and Sir Kier Starmer had been squabbling like schoolchildren with the Speaker having to have words with the Prime Minister at one point. Is this any way to run a country? Various windbags on the radio were making mention of how few Conservative MPs had shown up to Parliament for Prime Minister's questions and this has been seen as a sign of how Boris Johnson is losing the support of his party. Is he? It has to be said he's not one of our better Prime Ministers, is he? But what other options do we have? Isn't it sad that in British politics we rarely get the best choice, just the least worst option.

There was also a lot of talk about the Government's proposals to prevent MPs from taking on second jobs. Bearing in mind the piss-poor turnout of MPs at yesterday's Prime Minister's questions you have to wonder why they weren't where the nation pays them to be. Where were they all, and just what were they all doing with their time? Were they actively showing their discontent with Boris Johnson, or doing something that paid better?

To be fair to some of the moonlighting MPs, someone was on the radio this morning saying that MPs are only elected for five years at a time and they need to keep up their professional skills for when they lose the next election. I suppose that's a valid point; they don't want to end up high and dry, do they?. I know that there's laws against me shoving off for five years and then just carrying on doing what I do as though nothing had happened. But how many of our MPs are keeping up professional skills, and how many are opportunistically selling their influence (as has been alleged)?


Just as I got to work so my phone beeped. My geocaching Community Celebration Event had been published. Stage Two of the New Year's Day plan was all circuits go.

I then got on with the early shift. It was quite exciting – I saw some trypanosomes. You don’t see those very often. In fact most people go their entire lives without seeing any.


I came home via the Skoda garage. On Monday they ordered the right part to protect the back of my car from Boot Dogs, and they fitted it this evening. Yesterday I mentioned about how my car's range until refuelling had gone up during this week. As I got to the garage this evening I saw it was still holding constant, and that the fuel gauge said I still had a full tank of petrol even though the trip meter said I’d done a hundred and eighty miles since re-fuelling on Monday. I had wondered if the sensor is a bit iffy and I’d had a look on-line. One or two of the Skoda forums seemed to think that you can do about a hundred and fifty miles on a full tank of petrol before the sensor wakes up. I asked the nice man at Skoda if he could have a look at the fuel tank sensor. He said it all appeared to be fine, and said that his Skoda usually does about two hundred miles before the fuel gauge drops below the “completely full” line.


Once home I put the leads and light-up collars onto the dogs and we had a little walk round the block. Two houses in Francis Road have got their Christmas decorations up already. That’s a bit keen.

The walk wasn’t one of our better ones. We didn’t have so much of an “episode”; more of a “Box Set including Christmas Special” as a local cat realised that its very existence was annoying the dogs and so it deliberately stalked our movements until I finally shouted a swear word at it.


I made a cuppa as I pootled on-line planning for New Year’s Day. As I did so I had a text telling me about a hospital appointment. I opened up the link and it told me all about an MRI scan on New Year’s Day that I had apparently agreed to by opening that link. Odd really as I thought I had an MRI scan at Canterbury tomorrow as a prelude to an appointment with the consultant in a couple of weeks’ time. I tried phoning the out-patients department but they had all gone home. I wonder if this means tomorrow’s appointment is cancelled? Oh well… I shall drive to Canterbury in the morning and either spend my time with the MRI people or with the complaints department. Over the last few years I only seem to get anything done at the local hospital by going through the complaints department…
I’m getting a little bit fed up with this…

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