14 November 2021 (Sunday) - Moving House, Curry Night

I had something of a terrible night spending much of the time shivering with no duvet at all. I suppose I should really hoik the dogs off of the bed, but there it is.


I burned some toast (which took some doing with our toaster) and had a look at the Internet as I do most mornings. I had a message. Yesterday someone had done my new Wherigo series and had claimed they were first there. Someone else had also claimed to have been first on some of them. It seemed that the second chap had figured out where to look from the map I posted on here last Thursday, and had done so on other maps I’d put on here in the past. That would have taken some doing. I was glad to have been told this; I thought I was being physically stalked.

I also saw I had an invite to a Munzee clan which was good. Munzing (for me) works better when part of a group, and is more fun that way.

Quite a few people were posting remembrance day stuff to Facebook. I thought about doing so, but not having anyone that I know directly who died in any war, I didn’t feel it right to do so.


I drove down to Folkestone again for Day Two of “Daddy’s Little Angel TM”’s moving house, and in a rather fortuitous bit of timing  I arrived just as the last of the heavy lifting had been done. Mind you there was still a *lot* of not so heavy lifting to be done, and very little that “Daddy’s Little Angel TM” would allow to be chucked out of a window. Personally I would have thought that pillows, duvets and rugs would have been ideal candidates for a lobbing from the second storey, but what do I know?

There’s no denying that had Folkestone’s one-way system been designed by someone who wanted to do the same journeys as me, then the moving would have gone better. You can see the new flat from the old – it can’t be more than a hundred yards driving back from new to old. But when driving from the old flat you get to about twenty yards from the new flat and are faced with a “no entry” sign and have to go (quite literally) all round the houses to get there.

After half a dozen trips the old flat was finally empty. I left “Daddy’s Little Angel TM” organising the new flat and “er indoors TM” scrubbing the old one, and came home.


I took the dogs up to the co-op field for a little game of “Fetch”. This is a game which is played with varying degrees of success; today’s was one of the better ones. My state of mind was helped by our only meeting one other set of dogs on the way there, and it was those dogs that kicked off, and my two that looked on in amazement.

With walk walked the dogs slept as I worked on my next little Wherigo project. I’ve been working on this for a couple of weeks now; it would be churlish of me to just abandon it. I got quite a lot done this afternoon; so much so that I’ve been able to ask the geo-Feds if the locations I have in mind are acceptable.

I then spent an age trying (and failing) to download some of the albums that I’ve bought from Amazon over the years. If any of my loyal readers know how to do that, do let me know…

With “er indoors TM” having returned and the dogs fed, we went for something of an evening out. We went up to Cinnamon Spice to meet up with the first fruit of my (our) loins. With a message that they were running late we stocked up on poppadums and dips and scoffed ourselves silly until “My Boy TM” and Cheryl arrived, and they were soon followed by Matt and Glenn. We sat and chatted and scoffed. The food was excellent, and it was good to catch up with family. It was just a shame that the place was so noisy I could hardly hear a word. 

I’ve got such a bellyache now… and “er indoors TM” had got the hump. Pogo just licked her phone’s screen and the thing seems to have gone west.

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