6 October 2016 (Thursday) - Housework

Being in my own bed I slept a little better than I had over the last few nights. I woke to find I was cuddling my dog as though he was a teddy bear.
I got up and set the washing machine loose on the laundry we’d accumulated over our little break, then over some toast I looked at some geo-puzzles. There is a little series of caches round central London (based on Sherlock Holmes) that might be good for a day out. For each puzzle you have to go to a place, find out some facts then email an automated gizmo to see if your answers are right. So far I’ve blagged over half the answers from Google Street View. I’ll have to go to the places to get photos of myself there, but blagging from home proves I’m not wasting my time (entirely).
I organised a similar trip earlier in the year thinking we might get one of two takers; fifteen of us took part. I wonder if this might be as popular? It may well be something for the winter months.

"er indoors TM" set off to work. I have the whole week off, so I didn’t. I hung out some washing then took "Furry Face TM" round the park for a walk. He was in a very woofy mood today. And with the world woofed at we came home where I had a day of rather dull housework. More washing into the machine, hoovering, lawn mowing, more washing onto the line, ironing, sewing. I didn’t stop until "er indoors TM" came home again.

Over a bit of scoff we watched the new series “WestWorld”. I shall watch at least one more episode before I give up with it…

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