20 October 2016 (Thursday) - Nasal Endocopy

I woke only an hour before the alarm was due to go off this morning. I woke to find I was holding my dog's leg. He didn't seem bothered.
Over brekkie I watched "The Secret Diary of a Call Girl". My SkyPlus box had recorded it for me. It is a strange device with (seemingly) a mind of its own. It doesn't record what I ask it to; it doesn't record what I'd like to see. But it does record random rubbish. I have recorded "The Secret Diary of a Call Girl" in the past so perhaps that is why it thought I'd be interested. Still, I'm not complaining. There are worse things to watch whilst eating toast than Billie Piper's stunt double running round in the nip.

I left home a few minutes earlier than I might have done so's I could have another look for that geocache which I so spectacularly failed to find yesterday. Despite what the cache's C.O. had emailed me, my sums weren't that far off. In fact I found it in *exactly* the place I'd looked yesterday.
I then went on to work despite a minor hold-up. There was a dead deer in the road. I say "deer" - it was clearly a stag (with quite spectacular antlers) laying sprawled across the A28. Poor thing. There were several cars pulled up and quite a few people milling about.
Perhaps they were all hoping for a share of the carcass. I wonder what happens to road-kill deer. They must be worth quite a bit for the venison.

As I drove I listened to the radio. Despite their best efforts the scientists at the ESA haven't been able to contact the Schiaparelli probe which landed on Mars yesterday, and the Juno probe currently orbiting Mars has gone into "safe mode" following its second major hiccup in two weeks.

I got to work and struggled a little. I might grumble about night work, but when I'm doing night (or weekend) work I only do two consecutive shifts. Today was day four of five day shifts. I'm finding this far more hard work than doing two (admittedly longer) night shifts. Mind you I did slip off early; I had an out-patient appointment at another hospital.
Regular readers of this drivel may recall I had surgery to remove nasal polyps a couple of years ago (on Tuesday 4 November 2014). They've grown back. After ten minutes of my telling this to the specialist he shoved an endoscope up my nose. He then told me my airways are about ninety per cent blocked, and said the only real cure is to cut the polyps out again. I knew that already…
I went to Tesco do get all the medicines I need to take during the week leading up to the operation, and I’ve now got to wait to be told when the surgery will be.

Perhaps I should have gone back to work but having endoscopes shoved up my nose wasn’t comfortable so I went home to sulk. I took "Furry Face TM" for a little walk; we came home after ten minutes soaked by the torrential rain. So I watched one of this week’s episodes of “Game of Thrones” whilst I did some ironing.
I then messed about astroclubsecretarying until "er indoors TM" came home. We had a rather good bit of scoff; now there’s a film on: “The Lying Old Witch in the Wardrobe”. Eustace has gone to Banania…

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