18 October 2016 (Tuesday) - Another Late Shift

Another crappy night: I managed to sleep through till 4am before laying wide awake. I gave up trying to sleep and was in front of the telly by 5am. My SkyPlus box had recorded the first episode of the second season of SAS; Who Dares Wins. An interesting show in which various ex-SAS soldiers put on an SAS-style training program for the sorts of misfits who would never actually be accepted for real SAS training. Lots of shouting and swearing and macho posturing, and then it turns out that the biggest hardest recruits can’t actually swim. And then they start crying.
I would have done more on the dog psychology course, but it turns out that the on-line quizzes are locked and won’t be available until the course starts, Oh well…

Having woken far too early I was rather bored by the time "er indoors TM" and "Furry Face TM" got up, so me and my dog found ourselves on our morning walk probably an hour earlier than usual. As we walked we met a dozen or so of the local Nepalese community at the Hubert fountain doing their morning exercises. They've long since adopted that place as their gymnasium; and politely greet passers-by as they do their squat-thrusts and star-jumps. My dog had a little spurt of exercise as he tried to chase a squirrel up a tree. The squirrel went up the tree easily enough; he struggled a little.
Being out and about early we encountered the schoolchildren who were out in force. One made me stop and stare. Her skirt almost (but not quite) covered her arse; revealing the sort of undercrackers a thirteen year old child should certainly not be wearing. Her face had been drawn on in various make-ups. As she teetered about on stilettos she was coughing on a cigarette she clearly wasn't enjoying.
Who was she trying to impress? Did her parents know she'd left home looking like that?

Yesterday I mentioned I'd got hold of the various locations for a geo-puzzle. Last night I called up all the locations on Google Street View but couldn't get a sharp enough picture to see that for which I was looking. So having time on my hands before work I drove to six different places to collect phone numbers, post box numbers, and various other snippets. It took over an hour to get all that I needed to be able to solve the geo-puzzle.
I then found myself with a dilemma. I had enough time to either solve the puzzle with the information I'd collated, or to go to Wyevale for coffee and cake. I couldn't do both before work.
I shall solve that puzzle later...

The rest of the day was something of an anti-climax after that coffee and cake but I did come home to find the insurance company have finally paid up after Fudge’s illness. It only took them a month longer than their guaranteed longest wait.
I might be making another claim soon judging by the stink of the farts he’s doing right now…

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