26 October 2016 (Wednesday) - Transmogrification

I was wide awake for much of the night, but was fast asleep when my alarm finally went off. I considered phoning in sick if only to try to get more sleep, but thought better of it. I was then rather shocked to find a spider the size of a raccoon on my towel when I went for my morning ablutions.
I watched last week’s episode of “South Park” over a bit of brekkie to calm my nerves. As always the show was amusing enough, but you’ll miss most of the jokes if you aren’t up on American current affairs.

I had a little look-see on Facebook; not much had happened. More and more people seem to be using Facebook and other social media as something to read rather than somewhere to do stuff. Reading it is all very well all the time someone’s actually putting stuff up there to read.
After yesterday’s failure at Matalan I had a look-see on eBay to see if they had any trousers I might like. I was rather amazed to see that so much stuff for sale on there was offering free postage if you collected your stuff from your local branch of Argos. That’s new.
I found a pair of trousers that didn’t look too bad. I’ve ordered them; they cost a tenner and should be here in a few days’ time. Here’s hoping.

As I drove to work the pundits on the radio were interviewing various average American voters. They were all rather hacked off about the upcoming Presidential elections in that they all felt they had to choose between two candidates neither of whom they really wanted.
Isn't this true of democracy in general?

I was somewhat amazed by the vicar who was blathering on during the "Thought for the Day". He'd latched on to the news item that
women now drink as much as men do.
He then started banging on about the bit in the bible where Jesus turned water to wine. In the Book of Emphysema it says that there was some big party in bible-land where they'd run out of booze and Jesus turned water into wine (as you do if you are able to do so). From what the Bible says and from what the archeologists have discovered it seems that Jesus knocked up enough wine for each of the party-goers to have four pints each (and that was after what had already been quite a booze-up). The vicar seemed to think this was allegorical of something or other, and somehow proved that Jesus doesn't approve of drinking to excess. All I can say is that if he's going to give me four pints of wine once I'm already out of my tree, I'm off to church.
All the talk of wine gave me a hankering for the stuff, so I popped in to Morrisons for a bottle. I also got some new socks and pants (as many of mine are getting a tad threadbare). And there's nothing worse than undercrackers with no elastic.

And so to work where the day was spent. I spend too much of my time at work.
. Mind you getting home was problematical. There are already too many sets of traffic lights on my journey; there were several more tonight.
Once home I ran "Furry Face TM" round the block then with "er indoors TM" off to the scout group AGM I pootled about the house. Part of me wanted to go to the scout group AGM; it would be good to see what has been going on. After all I was a leader there for thirteen years. However I knew full well that if I showed my face I would be emotionally blackmailed into helping out again. Been there, done that!
So whilst I waited for her I spent a little while working on my Guide to Geocaching. It will take a little while longer to complete, but it keeps me out of mischief.

"er indoors TM" boiled up a rather good dinner. We had steak; washed down with the wine I’d got in Morrisons earlier whilst watching the Bake-Off final.
I’m now doing a reverse Jesus – turning wine into water…

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