31 July 2011 (Sunday) - The Day After

Having had a really enjoyable day yesterday, I was brought back down to Earth by spending some of the night perched on the lavatory. I’m hoping it was something from the barby as opposed to the home brew.
Let’s just gloss over the whole sorry night by saying that I didn’t dare fart without a safety net (Eeeww !!). But (for all that a night of dire rear wasn’t fun), I’m counting myself lucky. It turns out that yesterday was a day of medical emergencies – some of our friends missed yesterday’s party because they were so ill they’d had to call out the emergency doctor. Another chap managed to break a rib whilst putting together a garden trampoline. And an old mucker of mine couldn’t get along yesterday because he was in hospital (having fractured his skull).
I think I got off quite lightly (!)

I finally plucked up the courage to leave the toilet and went to bed around 6am this morning, but I was wide awake and tidying the garden by 9am: and was feeling somewhat peckish too. We’d arranged to drive the Folkestone contingent home this morning, so we set off to Folkestone via the American Diner at Bybrook Barn.
I had the ten-piece breakfast. Sausages and bacon and beans and grilled tomato and mushrooms and hash browns and fried egg and fried bread and toast and coffee – whatever had upset my guts overnight was clearly by now a thing of the past. I even finished up with an ice cream sundae. Others of our party had five and ten piece brekkies too – and thick milk shakes as well. Very nice!

And then to Folkestone to deliver people home again. We came back via Maplins for a look-see. Maplins is an odd shop. Everyone else gets all sorts of really useful gadgets from them: whenever I shop there they never have anything out of the ordinary.

And then home, where I dozed in front of the telly for the rest of the day….

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  1. I don't think it was the homebrew that gave you the squits because I was ok and I tried both. Must have been a dodgy sausage!