2 July 2011 (Saturday) - Seaford Kite Day

‘er indoors TM signalled for pickup shortly before 1am, so last night was a bit of a late one. I was still awake and shaved by 6.30am though.

Once brekkied we set off on the day’s mission. Firstly to deliver a plastic beaker to my mother’s house in Hastings, and then on to Seaford. On the way the sat-nav was having kittens; doing it’s best to divert me via Tenterden. But I wasn’t having any of it. I stuck to the Hastings route, even if it did take me through every set of traffic lights in Kent and Sussex (and they were all against me).

After two and a half hours we arrived at our destination – the Seaford Family Focus Group were having a kite day and the kite club was there to show the public how it was do be done. It’s a sad look-out for humanity when I am being held up as a shining example, but we had fun. We got to play with all sorts of kites, had a go at taking aerial photographs with cameras suspended from kites, teased the local dogs with fast-moving kite shadows, met up with old friends, and slept in the sunshine.
‘er indoors TM  and I slipped off at one point to find the ice-cream van and we had a wander around the beach. We found a kittiwake reserve. Kittiwakes look like normal seagulls, but are somewhat gobbier. Bearing how much noise they were making I would have wrung their necks rather than have set aside a reserve for them, but it would seem the RSPB thought differently.

On the way out we got chatting with the organisers who gave us complimentary burgers as a “thank-you” for our efforts. We sat on the beach to scoff our burgers. ‘er indoors TM enjoyed the seaside ambience. I enjoyed the ample charms of the epically bosomed bikini babes.
And then home. We came home the way the sat-nav had tried to take us to Seaford. In the meantime it had changed it’s mind. It now wanted to go home the way we’d come down.

Once home I quickly changed my shirt, and we set off to the home of a fellow Blogger who was having a birthday bash. We spent the evening burning things in the garden whilst scoffing burgers and drinking beer. Can’t be bad…

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