24 January 2010 (Sunday) - McBreakfast, More FIsh, Games

I wasn’t up as early as I sometimes am (6.30am today), and together with my house guest we set off to McDonalds for some McBreakfast. Something we’ve often done in the past, but haven’t done much recently. Bearing in mind how busy the place normally is, it was rather eerie to find the car park with only three cars. And those were not so much parked as just abandoned wherever the drivers felt like stopping.

I do like a sausage and egg McMuffin with McPorridge, and once that was scoffed, we went back home. I made a start on clearing out the junk in the living room. The verbals from Sky asked me to make sure that the engineer (who’s scheduled for tomorrow) can actually get to where he needs to be. After a couple of hours of shifting boxes around, I hope he can get close enough now.

I mentioned yesterday that I needed to stock up the fish tank, so we had a look in “Pets At Home”. The fish were nice, but I thought they were a tad pricey. Pausing only briefly in Staples for some card, we had a look at the fish in Bybrook Barn. It pays to shop around - a Neon in one shop was £1.50. In another it was 85p. So we bought our fish from Bybrook Barn, and if we didn’t actually get twice as many fish for the same money, it wasn’t far off.

Home again, and whilst the fish sat in their bags in the tank whilst temperatures equilibrated, I played Escape”, the latest silly game on Facebook. And then I kept out of the way whilst the girls carried on the tidying of the living room I’d started earlier. A sculpture came to light – one that would look good in the garden, so I set off to B&Q for varnish. It has to be said that heir staff weren’t as helpful as they might have been today. When I asked where the varnish was they told me it was in the varnish section. I explained that the varnish section was filled with woodstain, but no varnish. I was told “it’s on a shelf somewhere”. There’s nothing like customer service.

And then to YoVille, where I seem to be spending more and more time kissing Lisa’s mother…

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