23 January 2010 (Saturday) - Mother, Computers, Fish

I’ve mentioned before that on August 19th last year I went to Tesco. I bought milk, mustard and muesli. Crisps and jam. Bananas, milk and prawns. And a magazine (presumably Viz). I know this because I keep a tally of everything I buy with my credit card so that when the bill comes in, there aren’t any nasty surprises from purchases I’ve forgotten about. Like new tellys (!)

August 19th’s little batch of groceries came to £16.20, and has never appeared on my credit card bill. This morning’s post brought the latest bill, and it still hasn’t appeared. I’ve decided to wipe it off of my tally of as yet unpaid stuff. That’s another £16.20 I can squander foolishly.

The morning’s post also brought the agreement for my new phone tariff and the new card for my Sky HD. I suppose I’d better give some thought to where I want all the cables to go.

To Tesco to get a birthday pressie for the parents. We had this plan to get them a digital photo frame as a joint present, and have spent the last month looking at them in various shops and outlets and on-line. I suppose it’s a sign of the times that the best digital frame we could find (and at the best price) was in Tesco. We got then a memory card as well. A nice memory card that set off the security alarm as we left the shop. And also didn’t work when we tried to load it up, so back to Tesco’s we went.

Mum seemed pleased with the frame – we’ve pre-loaded over a hundred photos onto it, but it has the capacity for a lot more.I just hope they can make full use of it. Ideally they would be able to download piccies from their digital camera onto the thing, but that might be a tad ambitious.

It’s my long-term plan to get mother on-line. A couple of years ago I suggested I got her a computer and got her on-line, but she wasn’t keen on the idea. I tried suggesting it again today. Maybe a small tablet thingy with a cheapo internet contract might make a nice present?

I then spent a little time with the fish tank in the living room. First of all I spent half an hour excavating my way to the thing. We tend to clutter the house so much, and I had a major job just to be able to get to the fish tank. I cleaned it up as best I could, but it looks a bit sparse with only three fish in it. I might visit “Fish R Us” tomorrow…

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