10 January 2010 (Sunday) - Dull

Something which never fails to amaze me is how the general public are so gullible as to lap up the horror stories touted by the media. Take today’s scaremongering, for example. Following four days of snow, the threat of global warming is now (apparently) but a distant memory, and the world is now in the grip of a mini ice-age which will last for about thirty years. Glaciers are due to roll ever more southward, or so we are reliably informed.

I say “apparently”, because up until four days ago, conventional wisdom had the world warming, and the North Pole being free of ice within the not too distant future. I suspect this sort of rubbish sells newspapers to the normal people.

Meanwhile in my world, after four days of (relatively) heavy snow, the temperature has risen slightly and what was snow and ice is now six inches of slush. Which makes going anywhere rather tricky. So having stayed in my pit most of the morning, I wasted most of the day alternating between NeverWinter and BattleStar Galactica.

If there is something I absolutely loathe, hate and despise, it’s sitting around doing nothing. I made a point of going up to the corner shop, if only to get out of the house for five minutes. I got two books of stamps to send in to the chokey. One for today’s letter and one for next week’s letter. Whilst up the shop there were a few flurries of snow. I mentioned to the girl behind the counter (the big sister of an ex-cub) that these flakes of snow would give the old ‘uns something to whinge about. She laughed, and said that for the last four days she’s had a never-ending stream of old biddies complaining about the weather. And complaining in such a way that they thought that she could do something about it. I then realised that the old bat in the queue behind me had a face like a slapped bum. She had clearly been planning to gripe about the snow, and we’d pre-empted her.

Yesterday “Daddies Little Angel TM ” had built two snowmen, one in the front garden, and one in the back. Both were very ambitiously tall, and this morning I saw that both had collapsed overnight. She’ll go mental when she finds out…

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