28 January 2010 (Thursday) - Waiting for the Postman

A day off work – the plan originally was to be going to the Rocky Horror Picture Show tonight, but at nearly thirty quid per ticket we decided against that idea. I still took the day off work anyway. Ironing doesn’t do itself, you know. And then I went around the house with a bin bag, chucking out loose tat. I found four bin bags full of the stuff. Where does it all come from? During the tidy up, an envelope came to light. It had my name on it (in a handwriting I don’t recognise), and inside it was a ten pound note. God clearly smiles on me and says “Good boy David”.

Whilst seeing to the ironing and the tidying, I watched DVDs. I’ve now got to the end of the second season of BattleStar Galactica. I like it even more watching it for the second time around. And then I watched the second episode of “Survivors”. I wasn’t overly impressed with the first season, and two weeks ago I said that the first episode of this season was a tad lame. It’s not got much better. The characters in it are all somewhat one-dimensional and unbelievable. Given that (most of) the entire population of the world has died, where would you live? Me – there are plenty of lovely houses in the country nearby that I would stock with food from the local supermarkets. Alternatively (and probably more likely in the circumstances) there are a couple of nearby castles that I might well move into. I certainly wouldn’t operate out of a sleeping bag in the bar of one of London’s scrattier pubs…

And then I settled down to watch a film. I like British films, and I’d heard such good reports of “This Is England” – a film about thuggery in the early 1980s. It was tripe.

Although I did enjoy my day in front of the telly, I did resent not being able to leave the house. Four gallons of beer was scheduled to be delivered today, and so I had to wait in for it. It amazes me that delivery companies can’t be somewhat more specific with their delivery times. They know where they have to make their drop-offs before they start. And there are enough on-line route planners that give the shortest journey distance between deliveries. And these websites make a very fair estimate of travel times of the various parts of the trip as well. Even allowing for fifteen minutes fiddling around with every customer, surely it would be possible to narrow down a delivery time to within a couple of hours, rather than expecting people to sit in all day long waiting? The stuff arrived at 4.30pm – I was on the point of giving up hope. Surely they could have told me “late afternoon” rather than just “some time today”?

I’ve taken the precaution of going round the box in various directions with gaffer tape. I’ve had experiences of these boxes before – they tend to fall open at the most inconvenient times if not seriously sealed up.

I then fiddled about on the PC, designing a pump clip label for the consignment of ale. I quite like the finished product. In the past I have made wine, with various degrees of success. I’m rather tempted to have a go at home brewing. I have some ideas for pump clips. The finished product may be foul, but I will have some class pump clips. After all, if I don’t know the ale in the pub, it’s the clip which makes my mind up for me.

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  1. I still need to find out what kit that beer is that you tried at mine a couple of months ago, I'll get on to that.